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TOMMY KEENE gone but not forgotten.. A Musican's musican...

Tommy Keene master pop indie rocker and song craftsmen.. and my friend has passed in his sleep.

 He was as good a guitar player on the indie rock scene as anyone,  Please visit his song catalog .. in the usual places.  Now I can say what he wanted to keep quiet ... and I did. Tommy was gay,  Most people did not know and those in the industry kept it a secret. Why you ask in 2017?  Well, homophobia killed Darby Crash, keep the Screamers w/ Tomato DuPlenty from being signed by a major, isolated Sister Double Happiness. The closet nearly killed Mark Eitzel, and I could go on but stop here. It's just the same fear that closet that is just the  tip of the iceberg

Tommy was one of the kindest and sweetest indie rockers I ever met. His discipline and craftsmanship at songwriting is manifest on albums and cds. I am speechless at the moment to properly give him his due/

Tommy Keene was a musician that his peers resed and loved.

Tommy and Peter Holsapple  two friends and master song crafters

Last saw him play in Brooklyn with Ivan Julien at Union.Hall a few months back.

We chatted after, He showed me pictures of his dog. Was glad to hear that he and a lover visited Steve Fallon (Maxwell's) in Rehobeth Beach,,,,,,, tick tock...make sure you tell the ones you are pissed at the moment that you also love them .(the lesson AIDS taught me) .. so when suddenly they are gone you send them on their Bardo journey wrapped in love  To all who Tommy loved, speak up please. It's OK now

Loved you Tommy , my gay rocker brother.

here is a live video form the final tour .. a taste .. not perfec but now a memory to be cherrished

And here a goodbye song for us left stunned by the news This song by Carmaig De Forest speaks for me
Bad Things Happen Carmaig De Forest

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BPM, a narrative film that tells the story of ACT UP Paris after New York Film Festival sold-out screenings opens in NYC  

BPM:  trust me this is a film not to be missed. It delivers on every level what David France's dishonest documentary HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE failed to deliver. A perfect balancing of the personal with the political and compliments Jim Hubbard's remarkable documentation of Act Up NYC's activist history "UNITED IN ANGER".  BPM  is a film for anyone who was in any ACT UP or anyone still alive fighting for their lives be it AIDS or any other disease with out a cure;  or anyone too young to actually have lived through what we did from 1981, (AIDS  it is not over) Or anyone who is living with loss or grie. BPM is authentic, emotionally truthful and not afraid to tell the whole truth of how a community was born inside ACT UPs. How we struggled with keeping people alive and how we keep hope alive by expressing our anger and rage. How we also made love with each other,  practicing safe sex as we ran in the streets 
Here is the trailer: https://youtu.be/VBPdx_iaQb

HERE IS THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL POST SCREENING Q&A( LIVE STREAM) of   BPM, a story about ACT UP Paris and the post/screening  Q&A with the director Robin Campillo and two actors Arnaud Valois and Nahuel Pérez Biscayart moderated by Amy T Taubin member of the selection committee. (109/17)  


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My Comment to the NY TIMES in response to David Brooks op-ed comparing Abbie Hoffman to Donald Trump

I was a founding member of YIPPIE I knew Abbie and Jerry as well as the 50 so people at the core of YIPPIE. David Brooks does not get who we were back them culturally or politically.   Fine, i suppose. But to drag TRUMP and CLINTON into the same frame shows his real ignorance of who we were and our intentions. We believed in creative imagination, having fun while trying to wake up the public to how they had been hypnotized and fooled.Marshall McCluan, Che, Grouch Marx and for me, Madame Binh, were our role modes in how to disrupt public conception of revolution. The media's fixation on Abbie and Jerry obscured the people who actually did most of the work. Similar to the how the mainstream media covered the Black Panthers. Too bad Brooks has not talked to Nancy Kurshan (Jerry's partner) or me the out Yippie when homophobia was alive and viral in the New Left as it was in the old left
jim fouratt

The Abbie Hoffman of hte Right: Donald Trump

a version of this comment appeared in the NY Times

there are two books I would recommend if you want to know about Abbie Hoffman :

American Rebel  by Marty Jeezer

Steal This Dream: Abbie Hoffman and the Countercultural Revolution in America by Larry "Ratso" Sloman 
I am anticipating reading DID IT by Pat Thomas about Jerry Rubin ,

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Lesson from an ENGAGED ARtiST : HELL YOU TALMBOUT-Janelle Monáe,e, St. Beauty, Jidenna, Roman...

Live like her I suggest no matter what you do .. hope is born in action and communication. Shout out the names you know.... shout out ..take ACTION ..be here now , blessed be

Oh No Mireliie Darc has permanently left the room .. and we are bereft of her beauty

Monday 28 August
Death of Mireille Darc
It is to be hoped that not only Mireille Darc , who died on August 28 at 79 years of age, will be remembered only for her long association with Alain Delon and the beauty of her long body, which she liberally offered to the delight of the spectators. She was much better than these anecdotal provisions and for only twenty years she was an essential actress of French cinema.
We discovered first his ravishing and slightly crumpled face in one of the masterpieces of television, Hauteclaire or the happiness in the crime according to one of the news of the "Diaboliques" of Barbey d'Aurevilly , realized by Jean Prat in 1961.
A dozen films and the inscription in the collective imagination in "  Les barbouzes  " by Georges Lautner in 1964 when the camera, first frozen on the face of Amarante, unveiled in shift track the very small outfit of the tearful widow (!) Of the great arms dealer Constantin Benard Shah.
Followed in 1965, always from Lautner, the unknown and interesting Galia , where Mireille Darc invested a character who was going to make floures, that of the "free woman". That is to say, much more than a "liberated woman": there was no societal demand in this desire for independence and freedom.
There followed many very charming films, often made by Lautner ( Do not be angry  "1966 Large grasshopper  - and the nickname will him up like a glove - 1967 Sorrel Flower 1968 Let go, it ' Is a 1971 waltz , 1972 was once a cop , The 1973 suitcase , Ice breasts 1974, Death of a 1977 death ) or Édouard Molinaro ( The pink phone 1975, The man pressed 1977). Popular cinema often of quality where Mireille Darc could be by turn seductive, disquieting, murder ...
She stopped shooting in 1986, thirty-two years ago.
What image will we keep from it? Perhaps that of the Big blond with a black shoe of Yves Robert in 1972 where she wore this incredible black long dress that, however great austerity face, nevertheless revealed deliciously its sumptuous fall of kidneys. Impetuous

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NYFF 55 Must see 120 Beats Per Minute Grand Prize Winner Cannes 2017 –

ASAP as you can get your ticket for Cannes 2017 top prize winner (Gold Palm) 120 Beats per Minute do it.Making its American debut at the New York Film Festival 55th edition. 120 Beats per Minute is a narrative film written and directed by accomplished filmmakers who were former members of ACT UP Paris.Robin Campillo and Phillippe Mangeo bring vividly to screen the desperate and unstoppable activism that seized gay and straight young men and women in Paris in the early 90's. Some were sick and all knew someone who was or had died. They were inspired by the US ACT UP movement and  its very queer and very confrontational politics ACT UP Paris  wanted cures now and medication for all. 

Contrasting 120 Beats per Minute with the dishonest American "documentary", David France's  How to Survive a Plague" makes one realize that craft and vision and and vision are the cornerstones of authentic storytelling. 120 Beats per Minute shimmering with the energy of Act Up Paris in the street and in the national Face 120 Beats per Minute captures with a craftmanship, authenticity and joy (the joy of surrender on the dance floor 10 a 120 beats per minute disco anthem like Bronski Beats "SMALL TOWN BOY ". 120 Beats per Minute reverberates with the desperate energy, passion and fear which seized the gay and lesbian across the world as the AIDS pandemic spread. Trust me you want to be present in the audience when 120 Beats per Minute premieres at Film Society Lincon Center presesnt the 55 Edition of the NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL ...

WHAT GOOD NEWS .. Todd Verow on Amazon PRIME .. not since Curt McDowell has a gay US film maker build a body of outrageous, provocative and downright salacious body of work, Verow consistently challenges the standard conventions of what story telling should be. He seems at times to take his own flesh to act as a screen to project his inner fantasies, lusts, and fears. Todd Verow just can not stop making films ..by hook or by crook.

C had his Mario, Warhol had his Edie, Todd Haynes, his Juliana, Curt, McDowell his Vivian and Verow his Philly Able. Who muses who has been an interesting discussion among lovers and haters of their work. .Every Verow film captivates and seduces me whether I like it or not ... a mark of an engaged artist in my world

more information: http://bangorfilms.com/

CAN'T WAIT! LSD! CIA! the unraveling of Wormwood | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

Errol Morris directs this series that probes the mysterious death of a Cold War military scientist involved in a secret biological warfare program.

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looking for love...a son helps his mother

Millions of people have followed this quite beautiful story of a son wanting to make sure his mother was happy.  It is in three short parts ... I always try through culture to balance out sadness with something that gives me joy. (no siggers please!) So here is a little light in these dark Harvey/Trump days :

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

Published on May 10, 2015
I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who´s single and deserves a good man. If you are that man or know someone who could be, than please contact us at: icouldbeadam@gmail.com

music: original score from TheBandsGonnaMakeIT as well as one track: "three" by Cameron Ernst, which i have bought the rights to use for this little short through MusicBed.

I would like to give an extra special thanks to Wenche Selvig Johansen for all her endless support, you´re awesome Swanks. Also to the Dampling brothers Jonathan and Sebastian Lundmark, John Jacobsen, Anthony Huus and all my other good friends for pushing me to get things done, thanks again:)

And last but not least i would like to thank my mother for being so brave that she let me post this video, and at the same time exposing her to the world. Please be kind to her and everyone else, including animals. We all deserve to be loved:)

HOUSTON FRIENDS stay inside please : Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't it rain, children

Worried about my friends in Houston .. hope they are staying inside if they were not evacuated ...here is a little spirit song to look at life and remember spirit carries us through

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The Film Society of Lincoln Center ' NYFF 54 has always been the Grand Dame of US Film Festivals and seen internationally as on the A+ List of festivals that matter. This year now that the dust of change has settled Kent Jones and his programing team led by Dennis Lim, Any Taubin, Florence Almaozini, Gavin Smith  has stepped into the fire of the actual world we live as see through the story telling skills of directors of narrative and documentary film. NYFF remains an essential  survey of best of world festivals/ But this year a bold choice for the opening night is  the selection of Ave Duvernay's bold, painful and essential documentary 13th. A look at the history of racism in the US and how pre and post the passage of the 13th Advmendment  slavery still exists in the US lubiricated by the economic drive of forced labor, mass incarceration and the new Jim Crown,  Essential viewing in for all Americans,  And how it archs with the quite brilliant James Baldwin stained I AM NOT YOUR NERGRO and the perhaps most beautiful  film I have seen this year MOONLIGHT a love story that would have been impossible to show when Baldwin was alive and finally TWO TRAINS RUNNIN" in 1964 the Freedom Riders were going South to register voters and break the strangle hold of the KKK, At the  same time young blues musicians including John Fahey  went South to find to find black blues legends .Skip James and Son House. Both groups wound up in Mississippi..which was ground zero of racial hatred and where James Chaney Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwemer were murdered.. each film is essential viewing to understnd how black people in America survived with diguinty the horrows of vilionce, physical brutality, dehiumaixizing treatmeat that has brought us to this BLACK LIVES MATTER Moment. It also shows that while not wbecasue of tecknology the killings og mstly black unarned men by police officers across the country it is not new , thishas been going on ever since slaves were bought and stolen in Africa and delivered to the North America . 

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The Real WONDER WOMAN has arrived Charlize Theron ATOMIC BLOND delivers

Forget the live action,  comic book WONDER WOMAN ... She pales next to ATOMIC BLOND a real life take-no- prisoners Charlize Theron will make hearts flutter, men shutter, and some women swoon with desire. Theron delivers a fearless woman not afraid to stand up to men and when in the mood enjoy sapphic pleasure when Sofia Boutella presents herself.

Action Hero? .. you bet ... and the clothes! and the 80' techno soundtrack.  This is grown up fun ..even if it has more gun action than even Baby Driver! 

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MAY IT LAST May It Last: A Portrait of The Avett Brothers - Official Trailer - Oscilloscope Laboratories

ONE NIGHT ONLY .... one of my favorite bands (ok so I am a hippie-gay-hillbilly sometimes )  and hope you will be with me watching the AVETT Brothers doc! trailertrailer..................click

Here is where you look to see if it is playing on Sept 12th . in your home town ... and how to buy tickets  http://www.avettbrothersfilm.com/

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WOW STEP | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight

Yes BLACK LIVES MATTERS .. and so do the act of mentoring, giving hope and meaning, showing the power of study and discipline to give meaning to a girl's life.  This film was the buzz hit of Sundance 2017. The appearance of the subjects in performance was an unforgettable moment in the Park City's snow capped mountains. TOGETHER WE CAN be their mantra ... and is mine in this dark moment of politics Culture ia revolutionary tool. Dance is one of the major heartbeat pumps we have. It is free to use. Everybody now,  MOVE! 

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WOW Dunkirk is in 70 mm THAT IS BIG .and the MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE is thinjing BIGH

WOW Dunkirk is in 70 mm  THAT IS BIG !and it sneaks at of the moving image on July19...and starting in August MoMI steps and shouts STOP WATCHING FILMS )N YOUR CELL PHONE ...see these films as the filmmaker intended you to watch their work .. Laurence of Arabia , Pink Flood and .....


July 19–August 27, 2017

useum of the Moving Image will present its popular summer series See It Big! 70mm
, featuring nine classic and contemporary films that will be projected in 70mm in the Museum’s majestic Sumner M. Redstone Theater, July 19 through August 27. The series opens on Wednesday, July 19, with a preview screening of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s eagerly awaited epic action thriller featuring an ensemble cast which includes Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, and Harry Styles, courtesy of Warner Bros. The series continues in August with the perennial favorite Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film that partly inspired the architectural design of the Museum’s Redstone Theater; followed by a new print of Lawrence of Arabia; Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s The Dark Crystal; Nolan’s sci-fi thriller InterstellarPatton, featuring the iconic performance by George C. Scott; and the cult music film Pink Floyd: The Wall.  

Of special note are two very rare Soviet films by Yuliya Solntseva
The Story of the Flaming Years (1961), for which Solntseva became the first woman to win the Best Director Prize at Cannes (an honor not repeated by a woman until Sofia Coppola this year with The Beguiled), and The Enchanted Desna (1964). Together with Poem of an Inland Sea(1958, presented in 35mm), these films are part of a  trilogy by Solntseva—the unsung actress, director, and 
long-time collaborator of fellow Ukrainian filmmaker Alexander Dovzhenko to whom she was married—screening at the Museum. 
The full schedule is

at movingimage.us/70mm
. With the exception of Dunkirk, tickets are $15 ($5 Museum members at Standard through MoMI Kids Premium levels / free for Silver Screen members and above). Advance tickets are available online. 

See It Big! is an ongoing series organized by Reverse Shot editors Michael Koresky and Jeff Reichert, Chief Curator David Schwartz, and Associate Film Curator Eric Hynes.

SCHEDULE FOR ‘SEE IT BIG! 70MM,’ JULY 19–AUGUST 27, 2017All screenings take place in the Sumner M. Redstone Theater at Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue in Astoria, New York. Tickets for See It Big! The 70mm Show are $15 ($5 for Museum members at the Standar, Film Lover, and Kids Premium levels, free for Silver Screen members and above). Advance tickets are available online at http://movingimage.us
. Ticket purchase includes same-day admission to the Museum’s galleries.

Dunkirk (in 70mm)
Dir. Christopher Nolan. 2017, 106 mins. 70mm print courtesy Warner Bros. The visionary director Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated new film is an epic action thriller that opens with hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. With a remarkable ensemble cast featuring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, Harry Styles, James D’Arcy, Jack Lowden, Barry Keoghan, and Tom Glynn-Carney, Dunkirk was photographed on IMAX and 65mm film and will be presented in glorious 70mm.
TICKETS: $25 / $18.75 Museum members/Free for Silver Screen members and above.

2001: A Space OdysseyFRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 7:00 P.M.
Dir. Stanley Kubrick. 1968, 149 mins. (plus intermission). 70mm. With Keir Dullea. As brilliantly engineered as the space program itself, Stanley Kubrick’s mysterious and profound epic—“the ultimate trip”—is about nothing less than the beauty and the banality of civilization, blending cool satire, an elaborate vision of the future, and passages of avant-garde cinematic inventiveness. 

Lawrence of Arabia
FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 7:00 P.M.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 6:00 P.M.
Dir. David Lean. 1962, 227 mins. (plus intermission). 70mm. With Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn. The apex of David Lean’s magnificent career was this unparalleled spectacle which won seven Oscars, including Best Picture, and rocketed Peter O’Toole to stardom as real-life adventurer T. E. Lawrence, a former British officer whose expedition to Cairo in 1916 leads him to side with the Arabs against the Turks, eventually organizing his own guerrilla army. With its overwhelming widescreen desert vistas, this is one of cinema’s most transporting experiences.

PattonSATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 7:00 P.M.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2:00 P.M.
Dir. Franklin J. Schaffner. 1970, 172 mins. 70mm. With George C. Scott, Karl Malden, Steven Young. George C. Scott’s enthralling performance as the brazen titular character is one of the most riveting depictions of a real-life army officer in film history, transforming George Smith Patton, Jr. into a household name and American hero. The film’s opening scene, Patton’s speech in front of an enormous American flag, was an instant classic, with the direction and cinematography emphasizing the intensity of Patton’s patriotism. Bolstered by a tight and pungent script by Francis Ford Coppola, Patton is considered to be one of the best war—and biographical–films of all time.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 7:00 P.M.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 3:00 P.M.
Dir. Christopher Nolan. 2014, 169 mins. 70mm. With Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain. Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a stunningly realized science-fiction epic set in a near future where environmental problems have rendered the Earth uninhabitable, and scientists are planning to transport the population to a new planet via a wormhole. With philosophical, cinematic, and narrative ambition reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space OdysseyInterstellar is an immersive and exhilarating film experience that captures Nolan’s love for large-format celluloid film.

The Dark Crystal
SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2:00 P.M.
Dirs. Jim Henson, Frank Oz. 1982, 93 mins. 70mm. With Kathy Mullen, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire. On a remote planet in the distant past, a Gelfling embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, to restore order to his world. Using a mix of puppetry, animatronics, modern special effects, and more, The Dark Crystal creates a sense of visual astonishment rarely equaled in fantasy filmmaking.

Pink Floyd: The WallSATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 7:00 P.M.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 7:00 P.M.
Dir. Alan Parker. 1982, 95 mins. 70mm. With Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves, James Laurenson. Caught in physical and social isolation, a hampered and troubled rock star descends into madness. Adapted from the critically acclaimed hit album of the same name, Alan Parker’s Pink Floyd: The Wall has become a cult landmark in its own right. Parker’s indelible surrealistic imagery synthesizes with Pink Floyd’s anthemic and evocative music to create a frenetic, visceral experience.

The Story of the Flaming Years
SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 4:30 P.M.
Dir. Yuliya Solntseva. U.S.S.R., 1961, 91 mins. 70mm
 print courtesy of Gosfilmofond. With Boris Andreyev, Sergey Petrov, Antonina Bogdanova. In 1941, German troops invade Russia and a young Soviet, Ivan Orlyukov, begins a deathly campaign to expel the Germans. Solntseva’s poetic and sumptuously lyrical war film The Story of the Flaming Years garnered her the Best Director Award at Cannes Film Festival the year of its release, the first win for a female director. No woman would win that award again until Sofia Coppola, with The Beguiled at this year’s Festival.

The Enchanted Desna
SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 7:00 P.M.
Dir. Yuliya Solntseva. U.S.S.R., 1964
, 82 mins. 70mm print courtesy of GosfilmofondWith Boris Andreyev, Evgeniy Bondarenko. The Enchanted Desna won the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastián Film Festival. A long-forgotten Soviet classic, Desna tells the tale of a writer who reminisces of his childhood village. Imaginative and stunning, Desna was described by critic Jonathan Rosenbaum as among the most ravishingly beautiful and poetic spectacles ever made.”

And teh musien .

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TONIGHT: HRWFF: Lincoln Center 9PM . No Dress Code Required (Trailer)

It is one thing to fight for the same-sex marriage in the US, but in a historically very Catholic country like Mexico ... it is a different kind of fight ... so yes this FILM adds to the canon of films that document the fight to marry by same-sex couples 

Monday, June 12, 2017

WHITNEY CAN I BE ME? How homophobia in her own family and from her record company president led to self -destructive behavior and destroyed through drug addiction a brilliant talent

A sad but true story of  Whitney Houston a genuine superstar DOA the night of the Grammies. Nick Bloomfield once again exemplifies the courage of the best of documentary filmmakers to look for the truth..Call Me Whitney is now playing in theaters and on Netflix.

I remember well the street talk and the reality of her launch. From the tall skinny basketball player wearing a *Labrys pin to the near skeleton figure forgetting her lyrics on stage. A harrowing story of a world famous artist forced to stay in the closet by her family and her record company President. Her longest relationship was with her "assistant." Robin. It was Bobby Brown, husband and sniff partner who finally put his foot down and shouted: "Robin  has to go." And Robin with dignity and sadness knowing somehow bad what was going to happen to Whitney, left. Addiction destroys relationships,

Bloomfield honors the talent of one of the world's greatest pop singers and lifts the curtain on the sad story of a woman denied the right to be herself by the people who live off of her success. Family, business professionals, etc. Bloomfield manages to reveal much of what was locked behind the steeled public image of Whitney Houston. May this never happen again to any artist. Oh .. you will find none of this in the official Clive Davis documentary, Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives,” Davis was a man with ears and respect for talent ..but a disrespect for life authenticity when he was creating a public image of his stars .. and Whitney was not the only one.


*The Labrys, or double-bladed ax comes from the goddess Demeter (Artemis). It was originally used in battle by Scythian Amazon warriors. The Amazons ruled with a dual-queen system, and were known to be ferocious and merciless in battle, but just and fair once victorious Rites associated with the worship of Demeter are believed to have involved lesbian sex. Today, the labrys has become a symbol of lesbian and feminist strength and self-sufficiency.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Why we love Lincoln Center Film Society Film Lives Everywhere | Trailer w/ Acnes Varda, Avs D=uvanay

A People's' victory that most people thought was impossible is a template for how to take back our country and restore the US Constitution

Freedom to Marry  In some radical circles, the Right to Marry is dished. In some political circles ownership of this history-changing victory for same-sex couples is claimed as one organization's victory. (HRC) . I watched the whole battle from beginning to end. I  remember at the very first meeting of the Gay Liberation Front on the third night of the Stonewall Rebellion when we polled the 150 people who showed up by asking each of them what they wanted.  A talisman was passed around  from person to person, like in Native American tradition and in the emerging feminist movement,  This was done to give a person the courage to break the silence of oppression. People finally in finding their voices said over and over again "I want to be able to hold the hand of the person love in public."want to be able to marry the person I love." I remember we hoped they would say:  We want a revolution in our lifetime.  But we heard what they wanted was to have their love acknowledged. We had to figure out how this desire in fact was a revolutionary act.  I remember Evan Wolfson choosing to make his life word making this desire acceptable.  Many, many people straight and gay and lesbian worked together to change the public perception of same-sex love. No one in my view deserves more credit than Evan Wolfson.You will understand why after you see this documentary. It will be available digitally in June

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the right of same sex couples of marry, it changed everything for Lesbian and Gay people eveywherer

Freedom to Marry  In some radical circles, the Right to Marry is dished. In some political circles ownership of this history-changing victory for same-sex couples is claimed as one organization's victory. (HRC) . I watched the whole battle from beginning to end. I  remember at the very first meeting of the Gay Liberation Front on the third night of the Stonewall Rebellion when we polled the 150 people who showed up by asking each of them what they wanted.  A talisman was passed arou9nd  from person to person, like in Native American tradition and in the emerging feminist movement,  to give courage and to break the silence of oppression. People finally finding their voices said over and over again "I want to be abe to hold the hand of the person love in public."I want to be able to marry the person I love." I remember we hoped they would say:  we want a revolution in our lifetime.  But we heard what they wanted was to have their love acknowledged. We had to figure out how this desire in fact twas a revolutionary act.  I remember Even Wolfson choosing to make his life word making this desire acceptable.  Many, many people straight and gay and lesbian worked together to change the public perception of same-sex love. No one in my view deserves more credit than Evan Wolfson.You will understand why after you see this documentary. It will be available digitally in June

History repeats itself : we need a new exorcism,THE FUGS - "Exorcism of the White House" (2017, Official Video)

History repeats itself. Back we go ...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Where fo you stand on Freedom of Speech ? The "Stunning Fragility" & Vindictive Political Correctness of Today's ...

ALERT Political Correctness on Campus  Personally: I have never picketed a show or event or book etc that I have not seen or read first. I believe in the right to protest but I draw the line and stopping a person from speaking,  As someone who has personally been removed from speaking because a small group protested despite never engaging me personally nor confirming the facts they read on the internet or the gossip spread person to person. I know very well how this feels and strongly object to it.  Here two smart people discuss the rise on college campuses of politically correct speech and the shutting down of the so-called market place of ideas.   This conversation is a good jumping off place to talk about this subject. pleasae watc and share 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

TRIBECA ALERT:  Facebooklive will make available on Tribeca's Facebook page these live events .. so those of you not in NYC can be "there" too... Nothing replaces being present live during the actual inter-active sessions where you can ask question etc... but this is sure better than missing it completely. I suggest you have a tissue in your hand because you may start drooling when you read the list of sessions that will be live-streamed  ,, PLEASE READ and SHARE

The talks are available exclusively via Facebook Live on the Tribeca Film Festival Facebook page at Facebook.com/Tribeca. The Tribeca Film Festival/Facebook Live schedule follows. Please check tribecafilm.com for real-time additions throughout the Festival.

All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time

Thursday, April 20
7:00 PMGenius (National Geographic) – New Television Series World Premiere, Talk with Creators and Cast
Join the conversation from one of the most highly anticipated upcoming television series, Genius, about the greatest scientific mind of the 20th century - Albert Einstein.  Director and executive producer Ron Howard, executive producers Brian Grazer and Gigi Pritzker, show-runner Ken Biller, and cast members Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Flynn, Emily Watson, and Samantha Colley all join a talk moderated by People’s editor-in-chief, Jess Cagle.  

Thursday, April 20
9:00 PM: Bowling for Columbine – Retrospective Talk with Director Michael Moore on the timeliness of the film today
Michael Moore takes the stage with award-winning documentarian D.A. Pennebaker on the 18th anniversary of the devastating mass shooting at Columbine High School, and 15th anniversary of Bowling for Columbine’s release, which won the Academy Award® for Best Documentary. In the current moment of frequent mass shootings and ongoing legislative battles, Moore’s confrontational documentary remains relevant as ever. 

Friday, April 21
7:00 PMThe Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) – New Television Series World Premiere Talk with Creators and Cast
What is it like to be part of one of the most talked about new series? Join executive producers Bruce Miller, Warren Littlefield, Reed Morano  and cast members Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Alexis Bledel, Madeline Brewer, Ann Dowd, O.T. Fagbenle and Max Minghella in a can’t miss conversation. Moderated by editor-in-chief for Elle magazine, Robbie Myers.

Saturday, April 22
9:30 PMHouse of Z – World Premiere Documentary Talk with Director Sandy Chronopoulos, the film’s subject Zac Posenand André Leon Talley
A must see for fashionistas of all ages, Tribeca opens up the conversation with director Sandy Chronopoulosthe film’s subject Zac Posen, and fashion editor André Leon Talley about the world premiere documentary House of Z Zac Posen rocketed to fashion stardom at a young age with his unique design aesthetic and charismatic presence, becoming one the most recognizable faces in the business today. But like any journey to great success it hasn't come without cost.

Sunday, April 23
3:35 PM - Copwatch (World Premiere Documentary Competition Q&A with Director Camilla Hall)
Copwatch is the true story of We Copwatch, an organization that films police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality.  In her feature film debut, director Camilla Hall crafts an intriguing and timely profile of citizen-journalist-activists- including Ramsey Orta who filmed Eric Garner’s fatal arrest- who seek to disrupt the ever-present challenge of police violence.

Sunday, April 23
4:45 PM: Basketball Great Kobe Bryant and Animator Glen Keane with Michael Strahan 
(Tribeca Talks: Storytellers)
Basketball great Kobe Bryant collaborated with visionary animator Glen Keane on an animated short film Dear Basketball,  that explores what it is like to say goodbye to something you love. In an onstage conversation led by Hall of Famer, NFL analyst on Fox and co-host of Good Morning America, Michael Strahan, Bryant and Keane focus on what story means to them and what it is like to truly step out of your own lane.

Sunday, April 23
9:00 PM – The Clapper (World Premiere Spotlight Narrative Movie Q&A with Writer/Director Dito Montiel)
Writer and Director Dito Montiel (Boulevard, Tribeca ‘14) discusses The Clapper, a heartfelt comedy starring Ed Helms stars as Eddie Krumble, a professional audience member who gains unwanted notoriety when a late-night talk show turns his life into a national obsession, threatening his budding relationship with gas station attendant Judy (Amanda Seyfried). Also featuring Tracy Morgan, Adam Levine, Russell Peters, PJ Byrne, and appearances from Rob Gronkowski, Mark Cuban and the late Alan Thicke.

Tuesday, April 25
6:00 PM: Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Talk with America Ferrera 
(Tribeca Talks: Storytellers)
Initially discovered for her original voice in breakout film Tiny FurnitureLena Dunham has since gone on to win a Golden Globe for her performance in Girls, which was created by Dunham and is helmed by Jenni Konner, whose other work includes the series Help Me Help You. The duo also co-founded the media brand Lenny, home of the feminist weekly newsletter Lenny Letter (LennyLetter.com). In a can’t miss conversation with America Ferrera, Dunham and Konner will discuss Girls, the industry, and the highs and lows of their careers. 

Tuesday, April 25
8:00 PM:Crypt TV’s Monster Madness, A N.O.W. (New Online Work) Special Screening
Every wonder what it is like to work as a “scaremaker” on some of the most stunningly terrifying horror shorts? Then don’t miss the conversation with filmmaker Eli Roth, Crypt TV Chief Content Officer, Kate Krantz, and Crypt TV’s Monster Madness filmmakers Gabriel Younes, Anthony Melton, and Ben Franklin, moderated by Crypt TV CEO & Co-Founder, Jack Davis.

Wednesday, April 26
6:45 PMAnother Period (Comedy Central) – Season 3 World Premiere Talk with Creators and Cast
What’s it like working on an outrageous comedy set in the early 1900s? Find out first-hand during a conversation with creators, writers, and stars Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, and cast members Paget Brewster and Brett Gelman about the Comedy Central hit, which follows the insanely decadent and outrageous life of the Bellacourt sisters. Moderated by editor for New York Magazine and Vulture, Stacey Wilson Hunt. 
Saturday, April 29
8:10 PM: Closing Night The Godfather and The Godfather Part II Discussion
Join Tribeca live from famed Radio City Music Hall for a sold out discussion for the 45th anniversary of The Godfather with Academy Award®-winning director Francis Ford Coppola and actors Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, and Robert De Niro, moderated by director Taylor Hackford. The talk follows an epic back-to-back 45th anniversary screenings of The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II

Sunday, April 30
6:30 PMEpisodes (Showtime) – Final Season World Premiere Talk with Creators and Cast