Sunday, November 11, 2012


Tonight RUSH TICKETS : GATEKEEPERS is the SHOCKER of this years NYFF. Who would have thought that all of the heads of the internal security apparatus since 1968 would point to the hate role of right wing Orthodox rabbis as the root and cause of opposition to a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian occupation and contributed to the assignation of Rabin. Since US government aid and huge amounts of US private dollars led by Sheldon Aldeson fiance the spidery settlement movement you can bet howling will be alive at today's screening ... and a perfect response to the other NYFF film the Orthodox female directed Into the Void about wedding ritual. Well made but totally a propaganda film . When asked about lesbians and gayS in the Israeli Orthodox community, the Director warmly smiled and deathly said "..if they don't like the rules, they should leave!" . She was not asked about the Palestinians issue but I suspect her answer would have been the same . Get your ticket now .,.. the film and the public Q&A will be the best show in town tonight

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trailer: Nothing Can Hurt Me: The Big Star Story

TONIGHT DOCNYC : Nothing Can Hurt Me: The Big Star Story

TONIGHT AT THE DOCNYC the BIG STAR documentary NOTHING CAN HURT ME. UPDATE: while sold out ...there will be a rush line at theater ...a small amount are held .. there MAY be some at the actual box office or online at NOTE .. the doc is about BIG STAR the band with Alex Chilton, Jody Stephens etc. the owner of Ardent is John fry.... and what I write about below is not the focus of the film but was referenced in the cut I saw at SXSW on last March ..and hit me hard .. I loved Big Star. this is a new cut so I do not know what is in it. Jus hope it does not continue to CLOSET Big Star That said please read on : -------------- Big Star for some music geeks and thousands of boys and girls with guitars were the US BEATLES. Never as successful as individual member ALEX CHILTON they were their generations VELVET UNDERGROUND ...but there were secrets about the band never revealed until now CHRIS BELL was gay and had a relationship .is with Studio owner John Fry It caused band friction. Chris left the band and the owner became "born again", Bell finally was killed in a late night car crash. WAS CHRIS BELL THE VICTIM of HOMOPHOBIA in a swirl of southern christian fundamentalism ? Just one on the mysteries this excellent doc raises .. it plays to tonight sat at the docnyc fest ( )be there ...the surviving members will be.. including John Fry.. trust me ..this is a doc you will want to see and hear