Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SUNDANCE:Watch Niomi Wolf diss OWS and dismiss Documentary films as passe at SUNDANCE 12 panel on mass movents

ll hell broke loose at sundance panel at the filmmakers lounge when Naomi Wolf not only dissed the Occupy Movement for not being sound bite ready and media savvy but than went on to say documentary film making was passe and replaced by youtube. http://youtu.be/Xj3VS52vq2k?hd=1

SUNDANCE 2012 world premier How To Survive A Plague dir David Francepost -screening Q&A

How To Survive A Plague dir David France; The first doc to be completed that documents the role of ACT UP activism in the fight against AIDS and the homophobia that surrounded it While there is a much larger story to told, France has chosen to focus on a small group of mostly men who broke off from ACT UP's treatment and data committee and founded Treatment Action Group (TAG). France, a well know writer, in his first film skillfully tells the story of how this group took on the government and the pharmaceutical industry to fast track drugs and helped bring protease inhibitors to market. It is a complex story and France has successfully managed to avoid many of the potential pitfalls in tell history so recent. I had a difficult time watching so many of the people I joined with in ACT UP that have passed. Picking Bob Rafsky along with Peter Staley to personalize the story was a smart choice, Rafsky in many ways was the public media face of ACT UP until he died. His confrontation with Bill Clinton is bit one of the unforgettable moments in the Film Sundance HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE world premier post -screening Q&A.. note got a 10 min standing ovation
Watch the post screening Q&A http://youtu.be/rc8QgdaHq6c?hd=1