Saturday, February 23, 2013


The SPIRIT Awards are to indie film in US what the OSCARS are to Hollywood.
Voted on by members of the IFC . They are given out the day before the Oscars. 
Here is my critic's ballot 
Best feature  
Will: Beasts of Southern Wild
Should: Beasts

Best director:  
Will: David O. Russe
Should: Ira Sacks

Best Screenplay:
Wll: David O. Russell
Should : David O. Russell

Best first feature:
 Will: sound of my voice
Should: I want your love (travis mathew) NOT note nominated.

Best first screenplay 
Will: Gayby
Should: Gayby

John Cassavettes Award
Will: Starlet
Should: Fourplay

Best female lead actor
Will jennifer lawrence
Should: jennifer Lawrence

Best male lead actor:  
Will : bradley Cooper
Should  john hawkes

Best supportting  actress
Will rosemarie dewitt
Should: ann dowd

Best supporting actor
Will:  matthew McConneghy
Should Paul Soileau  (fourplay)...…not nominated

Best Cinematgraphy 
Will: Beasts
Should: Beasts

Best  Doc 
Will: Plague
Should: invisible war

Best International Film
Will: Amour
Should: War Witch