Saturday, January 30, 2016

'This Song Is Uncomfortable': Macklemore On The Contradictions Of 'White Privilege' : NPR

Smarter and more conscious than you might have thought  read and listen

'This Song Is Uncomfortable': Macklemore On The Contradictions Of 'White Privilege' : NPR

An Evening With Neil Young -- Presented by AARP Trailer

If you have never been to a FATHOM live concert in Cinemas .. you will be surprised just how exciting they are .. you get close ups and depending on the theater the sound quality is superb.. It is just not a recording of a live concert . The camera It is a specific camera directed production     I must admit at first I was skeptical .. but it was taking a frail friend to the see and hear the Met Opera at the Walter Reade at Lincoln Center  and then seeing Benedict Cumberbun in Hamlet that  convince me just how good the experience could be. I am now hooked .. and here is an upcoming Neil Young concert .. anyone have feedback?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Please join me in these live events to be =live streamed at SUNDANCE 2016 and documented on YOURTUBE

HEY you can JOIN ME  in the Sundance LIVE events at HOME  :

Here is a list of ALL the Sundance live streams :

and here is the youtube link for all archived livestreams

Join me at the  opening PRESS CONFERENCE  (this is a BIG DEAL

The Sundance Facebook page is a wealth of information and videos

Spotify has playlist of all the musicians playing the ASCAP music cafe

You may not be able to be on the Ski Slopes of Park City , but you will be able to join me from the comfort of you home at events I will be attending
And Yes I do believe there is nothing live seeing a Sundance film at its Premier with a live audience ...plan ahead and join me next year


Friday, January 1, 2016

The Hateful 8 Reel Deal: Movies that Matter Review

THE HATEFUL EIGHT director Quentin Tarantino  

THE HATEFUL EIGHT Quentin Tarantino’s 8th film which he shot in 70 millimeter is a heart stoppingly beautiful to watch and in many moments is horrifying to see. There is no question about  the filmmaking talent of Tarantino.  But I,  unlike so many of his fans, I can not distance myself from his brutal treatment of women. In the HATEFUL EIGHT Jennifer Jason Leigh is shamefully punched full frontal on the mouth complete with blood and teeth flying a number of times. While it does have the surface shock of say a Robert Crumb graphic comic, it still seems to me to say that Tarantino is still stuck in the emotional life of a smart 14 year old boy who simply is afraid of women and uses outrageous and violent humor to temper his anxiety, Misogyny has never been absent from any of his films. It amazes me how smart critics male and female are able to distant themselves from what is actually visually happening on the screen. Unlike the French art film The Ritual which explores sm consensual adult behavior (the physical behavior is modulated within very strict boundaries), Tolentino, no matter what the  positions he takes on police violence and institutional racism in the outside world, in his films I believe desensitizes the viewer to how sexism works by layering all his highly developed craft skills on top of physical violence towards women. THE HATEFUL EIGHT  in actuality is not a “snuff” movie, but it sets the stage for the continued acceptability of violence against women in a heightened dramatic and comic motif. This is not a spoiler but a warning that does not take away from Tarantino’s highly skilled  control of cinematic craft .