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Saturday, November 25, 2017

TOMMY KEENE gone but not forgotten.. A Musican's musican...

Tommy Keene master pop indie rocker and song craftsmen.. and my friend has passed in his sleep.

 He was as good a guitar player on the indie rock scene as anyone,  Please visit his song catalog .. in the usual places.  Now I can say what he wanted to keep quiet ... and I did. Tommy was gay,  Most people did not know and those in the industry kept it a secret. Why you ask in 2017?  Well, homophobia killed Darby Crash, keep the Screamers w/ Tomato DuPlenty from being signed by a major, isolated Sister Double Happiness. The closet nearly killed Mark Eitzel, and I could go on but stop here. It's just the same fear that closet that is just the  tip of the iceberg

Tommy was one of the kindest and sweetest indie rockers I ever met. His discipline and craftsmanship at songwriting is manifest on albums and cds. I am speechless at the moment to properly give him his due/

Tommy Keene was a musician that his peers resed and loved.

Tommy and Peter Holsapple  two friends and master song crafters

Last saw him play in Brooklyn with Ivan Julien at Union.Hall a few months back.

We chatted after, He showed me pictures of his dog. Was glad to hear that he and a lover visited Steve Fallon (Maxwell's) in Rehobeth Beach,,,,,,, tick tock...make sure you tell the ones you are pissed at the moment that you also love them .(the lesson AIDS taught me) .. so when suddenly they are gone you send them on their Bardo journey wrapped in love  To all who Tommy loved, speak up please. It's OK now

Loved you Tommy , my gay rocker brother.

here is a live video form the final tour .. a taste .. not perfec but now a memory to be cherrished

And here a goodbye song for us left stunned by the news This song by Carmaig De Forest speaks for me
Bad Things Happen Carmaig De Forest

Monday, October 9, 2017


BPM, a narrative film that tells the story of ACT UP Paris after New York Film Festival sold-out screenings opens in NYC  

BPM:  trust me this is a film not to be missed. It delivers on every level what David France's dishonest documentary HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE failed to deliver. A perfect balancing of the personal with the political and compliments Jim Hubbard's remarkable documentation of Act Up NYC's activist history "UNITED IN ANGER".  BPM  is a film for anyone who was in any ACT UP or anyone still alive fighting for their lives be it AIDS or any other disease with out a cure;  or anyone too young to actually have lived through what we did from 1981, (AIDS  it is not over) Or anyone who is living with loss or grie. BPM is authentic, emotionally truthful and not afraid to tell the whole truth of how a community was born inside ACT UPs. How we struggled with keeping people alive and how we keep hope alive by expressing our anger and rage. How we also made love with each other,  practicing safe sex as we ran in the streets 
Here is the trailer: https://youtu.be/VBPdx_iaQb

HERE IS THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL POST SCREENING Q&A( LIVE STREAM) of   BPM, a story about ACT UP Paris and the post/screening  Q&A with the director Robin Campillo and two actors Arnaud Valois and Nahuel Pérez Biscayart moderated by Amy T Taubin member of the selection committee. (109/17)  


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Comment to the NY TIMES in response to David Brooks op-ed comparing Abbie Hoffman to Donald Trump

I was a founding member of YIPPIE I knew Abbie and Jerry as well as the 50 so people at the core of YIPPIE. David Brooks does not get who we were back them culturally or politically.   Fine, i suppose. But to drag TRUMP and CLINTON into the same frame shows his real ignorance of who we were and our intentions. We believed in creative imagination, having fun while trying to wake up the public to how they had been hypnotized and fooled.Marshall McCluan, Che, Grouch Marx and for me, Madame Binh, were our role modes in how to disrupt public conception of revolution. The media's fixation on Abbie and Jerry obscured the people who actually did most of the work. Similar to the how the mainstream media covered the Black Panthers. Too bad Brooks has not talked to Nancy Kurshan (Jerry's partner) or me the out Yippie when homophobia was alive and viral in the New Left as it was in the old left
jim fouratt

The Abbie Hoffman of hte Right: Donald Trump

a version of this comment appeared in the NY Times

there are two books I would recommend if you want to know about Abbie Hoffman :

American Rebel  by Marty Jeezer

Steal This Dream: Abbie Hoffman and the Countercultural Revolution in America by Larry "Ratso" Sloman 
I am anticipating reading DID IT by Pat Thomas about Jerry Rubin ,

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lesson from an ENGAGED ARtiST : HELL YOU TALMBOUT-Janelle Monáe,e, St. Beauty, Jidenna, Roman...

Live like her I suggest no matter what you do .. hope is born in action and communication. Shout out the names you know.... shout out ..take ACTION ..be here now , blessed be