Thursday, March 20, 2014

A NIGHT WITH THE SONGS OF LOU REED at SXSW 2014 inc Lucinda Willliams, spandau ballet +

SXSW 2014:  A Tribute to LOU REED .Alejandro  Escovedo ; Richard Barone organized a tribute to Lou Reed at the Paramount Theater .. it was sloppy some times and magical other times. I sat with Sylvia Reed and we both brought Laurie into the space here are some of the perforances ..will add more.  Come be with us : the songs of Lou reed 

Here is the line Up :
the setlist from the show was as follows:
"Sweet Jane" – Alejandro  Escovedo ; Richard Barone
"Cool It Down" – The Bizarros
"Romeo Had Juliet" – Cheetah Chrome
"Femme Fatale" – Cindy Lee Berryhill\\
Vicious" – BP Fallon & The Strypes

"Oh Sweet Nothing" – Bobby Bare Jr.
"I'm Waiting for My Man" – Garland Jeffreys
"Perfect Day" – Louise Goffin
"Waves of Fear" – The Fauntleroys
"I Love You Suzanne" – Rosie Flores

"Coney Island Baby" – Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3

"Candy Says" – Sharon Needles

"Smalltown" Joe Dallesandro"

"White Light/White Heat" – Alejandro Escovedo & Richard Barone

"All Tomorrow's Parties" – Richard Barone & Cindy Lee Berryhill
"Rock and Roll Heart" – Chuck Prophet
"Sally Can't Dance" – Jesse Malin
SXSW 2014 Lou Reed Tribute Jessie malin Sally can't Dance

"Real Good Time Together" – The Fleshtones

"Walk on the Wild Side" – Suzanne Vega

"Kill Your Sons" – Wayne Kramer

"Pale Blue Eyes" – Lucinda Williams

"Run, Run, Run" – The Black Lips
"Sister Ray" – The Baseball Project

Here are just 2 of the 17 epic minutes of the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray, performed by the Baseball Project, a supergroup comprising Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon, and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck and Mike Mills. Josh Kantor (Boston Red Sox organist) played keyboards. Lenny Kaye and Tony Shanahan of the Patti Smith Group also performed.

"What Goes On" – Sean Lennon

"Street Hassle" – Alejandro Escovedo

"Satellite of Love" – Spandau Ballet

"I'll Be Your Mirror" – Richard Barone

"Rock and Roll" – All-Stars

Sunday, March 16, 2014

FILM 2014 Critic Wire ballot

SXSW FILM 2014 Critic Wire ballot
jim fouratt
Westview News : Reel Deal: Movies that Matter

1. Boyhood
2. Before I Disappear
3. Animals
4. Joe
5. Hellion


1. The Internet's Own Boy
2. Vessel
3. Take Me to The River
4. Born to Fly
5. The Case Against the 8


1.Richard Linklater Boyhood
2.Shawn Christensen Before I disapear
3.David Gordon Green JOE
4.Diego Luna Caesar Chavez
5. Kat Chandler Hellion


1. shawn christensen            Before I Disapear
2. jenny slate                         Obvious Child
3. america Ferraro                CAESAR CHAVEZ
4. Carla Juri                           Wetlands
5. Daniel Dastmalchian         Animals


1.  emily rossum        Before I Disappear
2.Tye Sheridan           Joe
3. Kerry Fox              Patrick's Day
4.Fatima Pcatek        Before I Disappear
5. Rima Te Wiata       Housebound


2. Before I disappear
3. Hellion
4. Fort Tilden
5. Patrick's Day


1. Boyhood
2. Caesar Chavez
3. Before I disappear
4. Animals
5. Wilderness of James


1. Before I disappear
2. Animals
3. Soul Boys of the Western World
4. fort tilden
5. 10,000KM

Monday, March 10, 2014

SXSW world premier BORN TO FLY post screening Q&A w director Catherine Gund and ELIZABETH STREB

SXSW Left Tilda Swinton's public conversation (oh no you think..but I have had the same conversation with her privately) to go see the world premier of Catherine Gund's BORN TO FLY the Elizabeth STREB documentary Bot women,director Gund and choreographer-provocateur STREB  have each had  the courage to take flight. Gund best know for her kid-centric  healthy food and how to cook it documentary What's on Your Plate? In Born to Fly Gund takes a wild leap forward and documents the body challenging feats of dance that signify STREB's company's physical discipline, BORN TO FLY is a  masterful example of complicated story telling, All I can say is WOW.. and how did they do THAT? This live action real time footage has none of the new tricks of simulation Hollywood Action Hero flicks have . What you see is actually happening.

Gund shot some amazing STRB dances including the endorphin shower of doing and watching STEB walk down the sleek, slippery totally glass top to bottom of the London City Hall during the London Olympics in 2012 ... BORN TO FLY is lyrical with out being sentimental.The arch of film is letting go of fear ...... to fly. Going beyond the limits fear resticts imagination and physical accomplishment,This is dance at it most muscular poetic beauty (Film Forum in Sept)  

Watch the post screening world premier

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Raoul Peck/s FATAL ASSISTANCE how disaster aid is given eg Haiti,His film speaks of the unspeakable

FATAL ASSISTANCE director Raoul Peck 

FATAL ASSISTANCE is a provocative study of the downside of good do-ism in catastrophic situations A critical look at the role NGO's play and the influence of international politics (Bill Clinton) and corporation's branding of "good works". Peck asks hard questions about what happened with the billions of dollars raised to "help" Haiti. In FATAL ASSISTANCE he asks: what actual role did Haitians and their elected officials have in Haiti's recovery? It challenges the donors, be they individuals, corporations or government to follow what happens with their donations. Here Peck, a world recognized and awarded film maker (Lumumba, The Death of a Prophet and a Haitian artist who once was,

for a brief time Minister of Culture in the 90's FATAL ASSISTANCE challenges all donors to follow the money His expose of what happened with the billions of dollars donated, who made the decisions on how to spend it, how much actually came into Haiti and how much was actually taken out. Not easy questions but important ones, not only in Haiti but other recent catastrophes where the world's population stepped up to rescue people and countries in serious trouble. Challenging, yes. Troubling, yes but Raoul Peck raises his questions with integrity, cinematic spectacle and, surprisingly, with poetic lyricism by using two voices overs that bring insightful clarity to the complex issues he raises and those voices resonate with both humanity and dismay. See it because it is about Haiti. See it because it is about all disasters where outside intervention comes in to rescue the impacted population and the tensions aid creates.

Watch  the trailer

limited one week engagement LINCOLN CENTER feb 28-March 6th 2014

Post screening QA Lincoln Center