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PEACE OFFICER SXSWFilm 2015 GRAND JURY AND AUDIENCE AWINNER Jim Fouratt interviews co-directors Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber..

SXSW FILM GRAND JURY DOCUMENTARY WINNER 2015 : this interview is not dependent on seeing the film ...but watching will make you want to ....Since the late 1970’s there has been a 15,000% increase in SWAT team raids in the United States. When "Dub"  Lawrence a sheriff in Utah  in 1974  brought a three person SWAT  team to his police force. 30 years later his son-in-law was killed by a SWAT invasion of his home in a domestic dispute situation and got away with it. So Lawrence, who was the person responsible for finding the evidence that got serial killer Ted Bundy arrested and put on trial. he had been able to get the actual police footage of the raids. It is shocking and tells a completely different story from what the police department spun.  The directors found four other white victims (remember Utah is 98% white) where SWAT teams called in to deal with simple situations where victim-less crimes were reputed to have taken place, Despite the dramatic video that documented  the police over reaction leading to serious injury or death the police were not indited by the Grand Jury.  The directors interview the actual police officers leaving to the audience to ask who is telling the truth. Peace Officer documents  the militarization of police departments across America that has changed the relationship between the "peace officer" and the public they are to protect.  Peace Office won both  the SXSW Film 2015 Grand Jury Documentary award and the Audience Award at SXSW 2015 , Brad Barber invoked Albert Maysles who had just died. "Dub" offers solutions that should ring true all across the US where young men,  mostly of color,  are being killed by police officers.

SWSXFilm PEACE OFFICER JF interviews co-directors Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber

Watch the trailer

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SXSWFilm magic moment ..

SXSWMagic: .After the Q&A with alex Gibney director of the Steve Jobs, Richard Linklater comes up with other audience members, Gibney sees him and turns his attention to him and RL says. "Wonder film making, thank you ." he then turns around and quietly walks away. That is what artists do with each other and how respect and appreciation is demonstrated.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peace Officer - Sleeper hit at SXSW ... could not be ore timely .... militarization of the police and swat team violence.

This sleeper documentary art SXSW turns out to be so timely that it has become the mot talked about film at SXSW ,,, about to go into an interview with the Directors ,,,, and the principal subject.... Oh Boy ....  HANDS UP!   disarm the SWAT teams .

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SXSWFilm Tab Hunter Confidential premier post screenign Q&A w/Jeffrey Schwarz and TAB HUNTER + trailer + interview

Jeffrey Schwarz scores again with one more pop culture icon. In the '50's Tab Hunter was the most handsome actor in Hollywood and look exactly like the boy every mother wanted her son to marry. He was a closeted homosexual and a Hollywood Star. When he told his agent the legendary start maker Henry Wilson that he want to be released . Wilson retaliated by leaking to the Hollywood CONFIDENTIAL the arrest record that identified Tan Hunter (A Wilson invented name just like Rock Hudson , Race Gentry etc) as attending a homosexual slumber party when he first arrived in hollywood .. Wilson did this partially as an act of revenge bit more importantly to protect his biggest star Rock Hudson who had been arrested for having sex with fellow actor and future author Tom Tyron at night on Santa Monica Beach  (the gay section), Hudson fed the scandal sheet as he wished Hudson to Las Vagas to marry Wilson's lesbian secretary Phyllis .. and that was the headline the world woke to the next morning HOLLYWOOD HUNK  ROCK HUDSON GETS MARRIED IN :AS VEGAS  and no  LEADING MAN AND HEART THROB ACTOR ROCK HUDSON CAUGHT HAVING SEX ON THE BEACH WITH FELLOW ACTOR TOM TYRON... Inteviws with the Hollywood ladies who "dated" him including the now a Nun but thank a budding startlet Delores Heart , Connie Stevens, and oMG  Rona Barret there are many stories revealed int he fascinating look at what it was like to be a movie star in hollywood in the 5o's and 69's and privately a gay man  .... and Tab with his partner of over 30 years came on to the stage still handsome in his 80's and you could feel the swoon all the women over 50 in room .. and it was packed with ladies who had dressed for the occasion.. See it: a good conversation start to a current conversation about has anything really changed about being gay in hollywood????  A tasty doc ...

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SXSWFilm 2015 Ava Duvenay Keynote and Q&A

SXSWFilm 2015 Ava Duvenay Keynote and Q&A

SXSWFilm 2015 Ava Duvenay Keynote and Q&A

SXSWFilm ...WHEW....I am so inspired...Ava DuVenay director of Selma gives a brilliant, personal and generous speech and YES she did answer ALL"those" questions .. except when she was asked about her current spiritual path, She answered she does not think that an appropriate question when she is talking about her work. But she did share she had 12 years of Catholic education including an all girl high school.. and with all of the skills of her previous job as classy publicist bogarted the direct question with warmth and a smile.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Reel Deal: Movies that matter Published Feb 1st; Timbuktu, Still Life, Mommy, 1971+ Sundance report, Oscar controversy ( Selma, Imitation Game, Nightcrawler)

I am writing this column from Park City, Utah home of the 26th SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. Today there are actually two Sundances. The one you see on TV full of stars—Jane Fonda, Lily TomlinRobert RedfordIggy AzaleaCommon and John Legend—partying on Main Street. The other Sundance, the one Robert Redford founded to celebrate and promote independent film, lives in the theaters, panel rooms and post screening Q&A with the directors, writers, actors and producers. This is the one I attend. I come to see movies that most people will never get to see in a theater because of the current state of commercial distribution, but these movies may eventually be available on VOD like the Sundance Doc Club (
This year 12,166 films were submitted, and 123 films and 60 shorts were selected and divided into the various categories. These films are screening from 8:30 AM to midnight each day. Every day. And all these movies are showing while the party folk are playing on Main Street. Each night there are music showcases and parties galore. Both ASCAP and BMI have panels on music that showcase their members. The choices are overwhelming.
Since I can’t see them all, I’ve set up a priority system. My criteria, in order, are US Documentaries, World Documentaries, World Features and US narratives in competition for Jury and public awards. I also sprinkle in NEXT (low budget, new tech) and the New Frontiers (technology and expanded cinema). I try to shoot and participate in as many of the first screening Q&A sessions as possible. I prefer to see films with a public audience over a press screening. Tickets are always in high demand, so mastering the art of getting in should be a college credit course. You can see my Q&A videos at
Among the films I have seen and really like were films about
And a wild collection of shorts that shout “looky here we are the future.” I also got to meetJeremy Hersh whose short film Actresses was one of the lucky 60 chosen. We talk to him at:
I will review the best of the Sundance films when they become available in theaters or via VOD. You can look at the film selection here:
SUNDANCE 2015 is a return to the core values that motivated Redford, and John Cooper has reigned in the festival to respect those boundaries. Translation: 10 days of little sleep and a whole lot of time spent with strangers in dark rooms looking on light splashing on a screen telling a story.
Oscar Nomination Controversy
I do not advocate a quota system based on race for Oscar nominations, but I find it shocking that a number of performances by actors of color were ignored or overlooked. I have some additional thoughts on 3 films I would like to share with you.
1: Selma: The firestorm of criticism about LBJ’s portrayal in Selma was orchestrated in popular media and on twitter by former LBJ policy makers upset by what they thought was a challenge to the LBJ legacy. Even Maureen Dowd criticized how LBJ was drawn in a NY Times Op-Ed. The firestorm peaked during the last two weeks of the Oscar nominating period. Some of these critics very specifically called for Academy members NOT to nominate Selma.
This black woman directed, written, and produced film received only one nomination: Best Picture. The director, writer, actors, and a group of craft artists were all ignored and denied the nominations that, in my view, they deserved. I have to defend Selma as an important film that is not a documentary but a narrative film based on the humanness of the principals involved including King and LBJ as well as the extraordinary grouping of civil rights leaders and those politicians who opposed them. Selma also brought to the foreground—for the first time in 50 years—the role black women in partnership with black men played at the front lines of the ’60′s civil rights movement.
Ava DuVernay, the director and principal writer, tells an authentic story in narrative form. It was never meant to be a documentary. There is a difference. The attacks on the integrity of both the film and the director were caused by a windstorm of mostly white men. Please read this well thought out and documented defense of Selma by Mark Harris. It not only defends the film, but also explains the nature of narrative film making and how it differs from documentary film making.
Go see SELMA and take your friends and kids or parents. You can watch the trailer here:
2: The Imitation Game: I have known of Alan Turing and his history since the late ’60s. His brilliant brain was instrumental in ending WWII. The horrible story of the damage done to him because of his self-admitted homosexuality and his history of having to closet himself in order to work was one of the motivations that made me become an activist despite knowing how it would damage my own career goals.
When I saw the film, I was happy that at last more of the public would know of this gay hero and what happened to him because he was a homosexual. However, I did have an uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of my stomach when I left the theater. Not with the performance ofBenedict Cumberbatch, but with how his character was written and directed—it made me wonder if Turing’s character as directed was in fact a highly functioning person with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, or simply a victim of having to closet himself in his daily life. When I attempted to broach this subject with gay or straight friends, I was met with unwelcome ears. So recently reading this piece in the Guardian by the always insightful and au contraire Alex Von Tunzelmann made me realize I was not alone in my questions. Read his article at:
3: Nightcrawler: I think Nightcrawler is the best American made feature of the year, with Oscar worthy performances from Jake GyllenhaalRiz Ahmed and Rene Russo. Set in theMichael Mann L.A. landscape, all glistening like a newly plated gold Oscar, it is storytelling at its highest form in popular cinema. Using the world of tabloid television news “journalism” as a backdrop, it evokes the desperation of everyday life in a world dominated by the triumph of capital. There is not a character written that is not desperate to either hold on to their job or willing to do anything to get or keep it.
Like the Mexican film Miss BalaDan Gilroy has constructed a film that takes a hard look at whether any moral compass is still at work in TV news reporting, and how the demand for high ratings stomps on whatever traditional ethics are left. Gyllenhaal was robbed. Rather than having a historical figure to bring to life, he has to create a modern day Sammy Glick who sees winning as the only motivation for success and survival.
Gilroy has studied the lessons of Wall Street, and Nightcrawler is a wake-up call in the same wayThe Wolf of Wall Street was. Now on VOD.
Watch the trailer at:
MoMA’s annual Documentary series Documentary Fortnight is the best place in NYC to discover what is going on in the documentary world. Here is a list of the films with trailers:
The Film Society of Lincoln Center is presenting Tell it Like It Is: Black Independents in New York 1968-1986
Feb 6th – 19.
1971, director Johanna Hamilton
On March 8th, 1971, eight ordinary citizens broke into an FBI office in Media, PA. Calling themselves The Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, they removed every file in the office. They then proceeded to anonymously mail these documents to the mainstream media.
The most significant revelation was COINTELPRO, a controversial, secret, illegal surveillance program overseen by lifelong bureau director J. Edgar Hoover. Before wiki-leaks and the internet, these ordinary citizens stood up and took moral actions to expose the US government as a war was waged both in Vietnam and here at home against radicals fighting for racial justice and against the war.
Never caught, despite years of intense investigation, they now have surfaced to tell the story of how and why they took this action, and how they avoided detection for over 40 years. Ordinary citizens taking extraordinary actions. Now on VOD! Trailer
Still Life, director Uberto Pasolini
Every so often a little film with a big heart opens in a small theater and people who go to see it pick up their cells, post on Facebook, or shout from their roof tops. I LOVE Still Life. It was a joy to behold. Eddie Marsan plays John May. Marsan is a character actor whose name you probably do not know, but you will instantly recognize him from the many films he has appeared in.
Marsan plays a lonely worker whose job at the South London city morgue is to locate the next of kin of a person who has died with no know survivors. He is methodical and dedicated to his job. We see him track down those next of kin. In the process, we learn about the life of the unknown DOA. When he is told his job has become redundant, he finishes up his last case and, while doing so, finds love.
If you like Mike Leigh or Kelly Reichardt films do see Still Life. I will shout it from the roof tops! It is a Tribeca Release film. If you can’t find it in theaters, it is now on VOD!
Watch the trailer at:
Mommy, director Xavier Dolan
Dolan is the L’Enfant terrible of indie film. Canadian born and based, his film How I Killed My Mother was the sensation of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. He’s well known in Montreal as the French-dubbed voice of South Park’s Stan.
Mommy stars Anne Dorval as Diane Després, a widowed mother who is overwhelmed by the difficulty of raising her son while working full time to support him. The sometimes violent teenage son Steve (Antoine-Olivier Pilon) appears to be the “bad seed” child—until your realize he loves his mother. She is desperate—
working hard and long to make ends meet and still trying to have an active emotional and sex life. The son is out of control most of the time, and his school offers them little help.
Mommy is really about how to survive and keep family together when low paying work and everyday needs overwhelm even the best intentions. Mommy deservedly won the Jury prize at Cannes 2014, and Anne Dorval would give any of the Oscar nominated actresses a run for their money if the film had been released in time for consideration. See it. Trailer
Timbuktu, director Abderrahmane Sissako
Engaged, Paris-based African director Sissako, best known for Bamako, returns with a visually stunning film set in Mali. In the film, fundamentalist Muslims (ISIS like) are destroying the culture of a Muslim country by suppressing indigenous culture, mostly music and ritual that integrates pleasure with spirituality. Rather than the rigorous and formal intellectual debate of BANAKO, here Sissako concentrates on one Bedouin family and their encounters with the fundamentalist army, allowing the landscape to underline the film. Beautiful and sad, most importantly, the film humanizes all sides. Please be kind to your spirit and go! Watch the trailer at:
and yes Fifty Shades of Grey is opening too. Try to resist it … trust me.

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We are so excited to tell you about this new documentary BIKES vs CARS  that will have it US premier at SXSW .

here is what the director has to say:  Born in Malmö, Sweden, a city where the bike is the natural choice for going from one place to another, I’ve traveled the world wondering why there are so few bicycles. Now, the car model as we know it has reached an extreme level with constant gridlock and millions of productive hours lost. Frustration is growing and cities need to look into new models. The new urban biking movement is pushing this development. People simply put a sign on their bike saying “ONE LESS CAR.” A Do-It-Yourself attitude towards a global crisis. It’s a positive message in depressing times. If all cities adopted the model of Copenhagen, where forty percent commute within the city on bikes, it would be a radical change for the world. Something you can measure in health, pollution, oil-usage. And now the conflict. The car, oil and construction industry is in the center of our economic system. They are the ones who don’t want change, and if only in their pace even if the planet needs instant action.”
- Director, Fredrik Gertten

As a City bikes rider I am soooooooooooo excited


Here is what Morgan Spurlock has to say about Bikes vs Cars

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MY ITALIAN SECRET: The Forgotten Heroes Trailer

My Italian Secret opens March 27 in NYC and LA. How  Italian cyclist champions and some priests risked their  lives to help thousands of Italian Jews escape the Nazi extermination campaign.

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The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) - IMDb

NDNF MoMA/Film Society of Lincoln Center ALERT the opening night film  DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL should have won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in my opinion ... it will be the hot ticket is quite frankly like no other teen awakening film that I have seem .. shocking and audacious int its commitment to authenticity .. funny and frank ...don't miss .. and YES  get those tickets now at MoMA on Film Society of Lincoln Center online  here the director Marielle Heller and actors Bel Powley and alexander Skarsgard  talked about film .. note : Kristen Wig once again turns in a remarkable performance as SF based, feminist mom with an attraction to  coke . It 1975 .. but it could be today , Bel Powley  made me think she looks exactly like what I  think Penny Arcade looked like at 15...... and the same kind of risk taker

The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) - IMDb