Thursday, March 19, 2015

PEACE OFFICER SXSWFilm 2015 GRAND JURY AND AUDIENCE AWINNER Jim Fouratt interviews co-directors Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber..

SXSW FILM GRAND JURY DOCUMENTARY WINNER 2015 : this interview is not dependent on seeing the film ...but watching will make you want to ....Since the late 1970’s there has been a 15,000% increase in SWAT team raids in the United States. When "Dub"  Lawrence a sheriff in Utah  in 1974  brought a three person SWAT  team to his police force. 30 years later his son-in-law was killed by a SWAT invasion of his home in a domestic dispute situation and got away with it. So Lawrence, who was the person responsible for finding the evidence that got serial killer Ted Bundy arrested and put on trial. he had been able to get the actual police footage of the raids. It is shocking and tells a completely different story from what the police department spun.  The directors found four other white victims (remember Utah is 98% white) where SWAT teams called in to deal with simple situations where victim-less crimes were reputed to have taken place, Despite the dramatic video that documented  the police over reaction leading to serious injury or death the police were not indited by the Grand Jury.  The directors interview the actual police officers leaving to the audience to ask who is telling the truth. Peace Officer documents  the militarization of police departments across America that has changed the relationship between the "peace officer" and the public they are to protect.  Peace Office won both  the SXSW Film 2015 Grand Jury Documentary award and the Audience Award at SXSW 2015 , Brad Barber invoked Albert Maysles who had just died. "Dub" offers solutions that should ring true all across the US where young men,  mostly of color,  are being killed by police officers.

SWSXFilm PEACE OFFICER JF interviews co-directors Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber

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