Monday, September 30, 2013

What Now? Remind Me (Trailer)

Stunning and deeply moving documentary on what it is like to actual endure clinical trials of toxic, mind-altering drugs to stay alive, THE NYFF presents noted Portuguese film maker Joaquin Pinto's deeply personal story of how his health condition and treatment choices impact on his life, creative work, relationships and his place in the world. We have seen recent documentaries on AIDS activism but not since the personal films of Derek Jarman has a filM maker put front and center a personal this-is-my- life dealing with HIV and Hepatitis C. A poetical journey through the ups and downs of treatment and his life changing choices It may sound clinical but it is much more than about medical experiment trials. WHAT NOW REMIND ME soures like a classical music vamp and soothes like a Moby lullaby. It fills the screen with the heartbeat of the living and resonates with such self-acceptance and resolve that it's message is more a mediation on what matters than a clinical study. An artistic study on the treatment of his physical body and his soul balancing .....and you will meet four dogs and one husband that you wish were your next door neighbor.... ONE MORE SCREENING OCT 1st

Sunday, September 29, 2013

C0STA de MORTE most beautiful film at NYFF 2013

This may be the  most beautiful film I have seen all year. Part of the Avant-Garde Program at the New York Film Festival plays Oct 4th 1 pm  Howard Gillman Theater Lincoln Center

Lois Pantino's Costa da Morte

COSTA de MORTE clip 1

COSTA de MORTE clip 2

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Jim Fouratt

Who knew that a triathlon spirit lay hidden in the Grand Old Lady of smart Film Festivals? The NYFF turned 51 and has reinvented itself now that its new chief programmer and new chief administrator have taken charge. Last year was the last Festival that Richard Pena programed. His reign had widened the reach of the festival expanding from European filmmakers to a global view with features from the Pacific Rim including China, the Philippines. Japan, and Korea regularly programed in addition to films from India, the Middle East, and Africa. He left knowing he had been universally acknowledged for a job well done.

In comes the chief programmer Professor Kent Jones, former editor of the Lincoln Center Film Society's magazine Film Comment, screenwriter and close friend and confidant of Martin Scorsese. He is greeted by Rose Kuo, executive director imported from LA to take the NYFF into the 21st century. Kuo had worked behind the camera in a variety of roles including producer of the Richard Glatzer camp classic The Fluffer as well as a variety of production credits from assistant editor to camera holder. Her transformation begun at the festival's 50th anniversary where she utilized the three new theatres built in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center to house Avant Garde screenings, conferences, meet the filmmakers and free sneaks throughout the year. She is often seen holding court at the Center's java, chatter and high end snackateria with IndieWire founder Eugene Hernandez her NYFF hire for all things digital and social media.

Jones brought the Festival programing committee back in-house with programmers Dennis Lim, and Marian Masone and Film Comment Editor Gavin Smith, plus the only outside holdover Professor and Film Comment contributor Amy Taubin.

I think everyone went to the Festival gym and started a daily regime of anabolic powders because suddenly the Festival is a TED version of a cultural three-ring cinematic circus. Perhaps with a friendly “take that” to the Tribeca Film Festival and a wave to the Sundance Film Festival, the triathlon energized NYFF has roared in like a lion. With a made-in-a-film-geeks dream of celluloid heaven, there are enough must see side bars including Avant Garde, Documentaries, Goddard (!), Revivals, Emerging Artists, Gala Tributes (Cate Blanchett and Ralph Fiennes), Critic Academy,Artist mentoring  Convergence (panels on the intersection of technology and storytelling), free screenings and talks/meet the artists daily as well as the ticketed HBO Directors conversation. All of this is in addition to the 36 international features in the Mail Slate, the heart and soul of the NYFF.

So here are some tips on Festival navigating:

Do not go to films that will open in NYC in the next few months even if they feature Tom Hanks or Joaquin Phoenix or Shirley McClaine. Wait and go see instead a film that most likely this will be the only time it plays in NYC like Norte, the End of History. Do go see films that are controversial and might have audience flare up at the Q&A like Claude Lanzmann's The Last of the Unjust or Strangers by the Lake featuring unsafe, explicit gay sex.Be not afraid of long films like At Berkeley, the Fred Wiseman look at UC Berkeley. Stay for the Q&As and don't be afraid to ask an intelligent question. Here are some films I have seen and you should not miss. Note: I have picked films that are not the obvious choices Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian with Benicio del Toro Trailer, The Last of the Unjust (trailer, The Square ( ), Le Weekend (TRAILER), American Promise ( TRAILER ), Jealousy ( TRAILER ), A Touch of Sin (Trailer ), The Chase (Revival)  Try and Get Me (REVIVAL) What Now Remind Me ( ), Afternoon of a Faun (Documentaries) , Any and all Goddard (Retrospective)
Check out t online as well

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NEW YORK: Gay rights protester disrupts Met Opera gala - People Wires -

PLEASE READ AND ANSWER QUESTIONS ASKED AT END! Metropolitan OPERA PROTEST UPDATE: While queer nation HELD A PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION OUTSIDE THE MET PROTESTING Russian GOVERNMENTS PASSING LAWS BANNING public knowledge of homosexual relations , INSIDE four activists stood up and shouted out about the treatment of gays in RUSSIA and called upon two of the OPERA STARS and the CONDUCTOR to SPEAK OUT against the PUTIN governments promulgation of legal sanctions against public display of homosexual relations. THE DISRUPTION TOOK PLACE AS THE OVERTURE FOR THE OPERA Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin began. How do you feel about the disruption of a performance? Is this any difference when Mayor Giuliani went into a performance at Lincoln Center and forcibly ejected Palestinian leader Arraft who was in NYC for the annual opening of the UN? When should artist not politicians be the target of activist rage? Would you honor a boycott of Russian products in protest of the treartment of Pussy Riot and the enforcement of anti-gay laws in Russia? Would you support the call for a boycott by international artist of performing in the Russia until Pussy Riot are released and anti=gay laws revoked? Note: CHER has just announced she has turned down an invitation to perform at the Winter Olympics because of the anti-gay laws passed

NEW YORK: Gay rights protester disrupts Met Opera gala - People Wires -

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Devotion Project: Foremost in my Mind featured in program 1 NEWFEST docs program 2013

Two black women  fall in love. One an Olympian the other a former editor at Vogue. Age 58 and 76
. Gives new meaning to the words old, senior, elder. Just try not to fall in love with them yourself !