Monday, September 30, 2013

What Now? Remind Me (Trailer)

Stunning and deeply moving documentary on what it is like to actual endure clinical trials of toxic, mind-altering drugs to stay alive, THE NYFF presents noted Portuguese film maker Joaquin Pinto's deeply personal story of how his health condition and treatment choices impact on his life, creative work, relationships and his place in the world. We have seen recent documentaries on AIDS activism but not since the personal films of Derek Jarman has a filM maker put front and center a personal this-is-my- life dealing with HIV and Hepatitis C. A poetical journey through the ups and downs of treatment and his life changing choices It may sound clinical but it is much more than about medical experiment trials. WHAT NOW REMIND ME soures like a classical music vamp and soothes like a Moby lullaby. It fills the screen with the heartbeat of the living and resonates with such self-acceptance and resolve that it's message is more a mediation on what matters than a clinical study. An artistic study on the treatment of his physical body and his soul balancing .....and you will meet four dogs and one husband that you wish were your next door neighbor.... ONE MORE SCREENING OCT 1st

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