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AMERICAN SNIPER vs FURY I made a mistake and paid to see American Sniper ... No matter how I queried I was not invited to any press screening. Clint Eastwood like his films or not is a master of craft and since I was putting the finishing touches on my Reel Deal: Movies that Matter: Best Films of 2014  I felt I should see it. MISTAKE! The press people must have know I would hate it. I did.The kind of mixture of blind Patriotism and hyper-masculinity is the breeding ground of bullies, tea party politics and the mentality that creates the police code of honor that makes some cops them think they are above the law. Based on a true story, I do not mean to say the "hero" played quite remarkably by a bulked up (30 lbs) Bradley Cooper, was not a good intentioned man. But war destroyed a part that had survived his father's training. and made him less a complete human than he was before he went on his four tours of Iraq.Again another Clint idea of awomen. Despite his casting Sienna Miller, another strong actress, we have a female character that as written and directed is so one dimensional and pregnant . It was disturbing to see how Eastwoodm, like Chaney and  has dehumanized the Iraq people. There were no sympathetic Iraqis. Within 20 minutes in and 8 minutes in Iraq, Bradly Cooper's character has "taken out " his first two killings: a woman and a boy.And than there is the cinematic tension between the Iraq sniper who has very very long eyelashes and is the enemy and and Cooper the hero  doing the same kind of killing. Clint sets the tone. How we bring up boys concerns me . I believe boys and girls are different ..their bodies both externally and most importantly internally are different as are their nervous systems and and their hormonal and genetic make up. I am not talking about gender expression. Chelsea/Bradley Manning is a very brave and strong soldier. Anyway I endured the 2 hour + film and was angry when I left the theater. There is a very good movie about about soldiers and bonding and loyalty. It stars Brad Pitt along with Shai LaBouef and new comer Logan Lerman. FURY was written and directed by directed by David Ayer  I think FURY is far superior in exploring soldiers and their relationships to each other and their commander who above all else wants to keep his soldiers alive. Values that are not specifically gendered but certainly are the a prime turf of what I call masculine in the Jungian definition which can be male or female expression.


FURY trailer

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SELMA becomes the MUST see movie of the Holiday Season ..

MUST SEE ,, trust me go to SELMA before the INTERVIEW : When a black female director, Ava DuVernay teams with a black female Producer, Oprah Winfry to tell the story of Martin Luther King at a historical moment at Selma, the story telling is very difference. After 50 years of a male centric version of the Civil Rights movement in the US, women are finally upfront and seen as partners and participants in changing history. Yes Diane Nash is present (ever since Stanley Nelson's excellent doc Freedom Riders I have been trying to learn more about the woman who was the first person to climb back on the bus after the attack and ambush in Birmingham and role modeled.a respectful no to all the mail civil rights movement leaders who were telling the riders get off the bus and go back home and just stopped the Freedom Ride). SELMA in no way diminishes the role of black men. But the women's presence acts to humanizing what could have been one more mythic iconic history. Martin Luther King was a young adult and that is how he is presented in his interaction both with his wife and with President Lydon Johnson. Johnson finally gets the deserved credit for being able to move the passage of the Civil Rights Bill despite his attempts to slow down the  Freedom Rides and the civil rights actions in the south. The cast is truly an ensamble that all together make real,  history in the making. Tom Wilkenson as Lyndon B. Johnson and Tim Roth as George Wallace shine , but the two actors who keep this film rooted in a dramatic personal, understandable life are  David Oyelowo as Martin and Carmen Ejogo as Coretta. A remakable script credited to Paul Webb (but it is well know that DuVeray was also hands on ) that moves back and forth and includes all the players all in the context of a human drama that keeps our feet on the ground. The Kings are humanized and this is very important for young people today to see..SELMA  is a movie for all of us. A movie about how change can happen and it's appearing at this particular moment is so important for people to understand YES WE CAN 


THe first screening in New York City was for members of the Screen Actors Guild. It was a last minute invitation that went out the day before the nominatting committee was to submit their ballots. The room was packed with actors and a good many of color, When the lights came on the actors rose to give the Director and actors a standing ovation that last 5 minutes. But most members of the nominating committee h had already mailed in their nominating ballots. This actor oriented film did not receive a single Screen Guild nomination .. I think the latness of the screening is the only reason it did not. Here is a video of the Q&A that took place after the screening with the Director and the two principal acitos, There was little lighting in the theater so it looks pretty bad , but the audio is fine and because it was a only the second screening before an audiend (1st in LA the day before for SAG members) I suggest it is well worth to hear listen the Q&A .... it was exciting to be there.

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Jim Fouratt's REEL DEAL: Movies that Matter, December 2014. Nightcrawler, Foxy Merrkins,

Jim Fouratt's REEL DEAL: Movies that Matter, December 2014.

It is snowing big pictures and stunning performances this month. Yikes. But first I would like you to take part in our REEL DEAL: Movies that Matter Readers Poll - Best Films of 2014. I would love to know what you liked! Please participate: here is a link to your own personal ballot: REEL REAL READERS BALLOT 2014   OR copy, clip and paste into browser:  http://Google/forms/kovTln53xg The poll is open 12/1-12/20.


NIGHTCRAWLER - Director Dan Gilroy

Dan Gilroy's debut film should grab the gold come award time. His Michael Mann- inspired look at Los Angeles, and how tabloid journalism, first invented by the supermarket rag The National Enquirer, has drenched television news reporting,  re-channeling it as an ugly aesthetic, is a stunner from start to finish. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an updated version of Sammy Glick who, desperate for a job and to make his mark, loses all sense of a moral compass in his willingness to be first on a criminal scene and/or horrible accident, filming it regardless of the circumstances so he can get it to the a local TV station in a ratings battle. 

 His TV news contact is a former TV actress who segued into an on camera reporter job till she reached an age where a fresher younger face was wanted, and then segued into production. Played by a still stunning Rene Russo, she too is desperate to keep her job. It’s TMZ time, except the focus is crime not celebrity. But it is a paparazzi ethic that challenges and saturates the film. Just as the Mexican drama Miss Bala showed how drug cartel money was destroying the moral and social fabric that underlie Mexican traditional values, Nightcrawler takes the same hard look at how sensationalized news has blunted the moral compass of the consumer, and upended professional news standards and professional ethics. Gyllenhaal is simply brilliant in his portrayal of the ends-justify-the-means performance. He lost over 30 lbs. to capture the praying mantis-in-heat bug-eyed look of Lou Bloom. Also outstanding is Rez Ahmed (Reluctant Fundamentalist) who captures the inner conflict of what I assumed is an undocumented worker in desperate need of a job, who Bloom pushes to the max when his inner instincts tell him to stop. Don't miss this film!

Foxy Merkins - Director Madeleine Olnek

The legacy of intelligence, wit and humanity that have always been the touchstones of the very funny films of Woody Allen is present in Foxy Merkins, invading the creativity of director Madeleine Olnek. Allen took for granted the universality of his story telling located in the secular Jewish, educated conclave of Upper West Side academics and professionals. Olnek too takes for granted the ordinariness of her characters and the universality of their experiences, while situating her stories in a Sapphic-centric world of downtown New Yorkers. This is serious fun that has a desperate human identity crisis at root. And like Allen it’s usually neurotic, and yet hilarious frame after frame after frame. Olnek seems to have watched a lot of Frank Capra films, resonating with his interest in “ordinary “ people. She has also learned well the John Waters low budget ethic of how to charm an audience. She appears to want to break out of cult status, but on her own terms. She is a Sundance returning artist. Her last film Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same would have been huge on the adventurous midnight movie circuit of my youth, but those date-night palaces have disappeared like all the indie movie houses that held the weekly midnight ritual. A merkin is a covering for female genitalia to protect and keep warm in cold weather. (And no, I had never heard of a merkin before either.)  Olnek uses a company of actors many of whom come out of the WOW and Split Britches theater community. In Foxy Merkins it is the actor and co-writer Lisa Haas, a most unlikely looking movie star, who we follow. Haas has a body somewhere between Marie Dressler and Kate Smith and the innocence and sense of wonder of “the little tramp” mixed with the spunk of Jean Arthur and the pathos of Giulietta Masina .  Haas is about as far away from the bully energy of Melissa McCarthy as one full-bodied woman can be. This is the story of how this lesbian is taught the tricks of survival in a cruel city, with increased economic pressures, by a straight woman (the comedic actor Jackie Monahan (a mash up of Sandra Bernhard and Candy Bergen ) who she meets and bonds with in a 14th Street diner.  Sisterhood is indeed powerful. She educates Haas as well as the audience to dumpster diving, the 42nd St Port Authority as a sleep over spot, shoplifting as a celebratory act of survival and Talbots (the clothing store) of all places. The Talbots' sidewalk is the pick up place for their sex work (women only) that helps keep them in food and cosmetics. Haas may be the bravest actress working in indie films today. Her no shame willingness to let us see and know her character is breathtaking.  Oh, and did I mention hilarious? Cinephiles alert: the references are seeded through out the film ...and extra treat for those who care about such things. Let me just say once "GUS"! Yes, Olnek takes an incisive look at how bodies are commodified and sex becomes commerce, where the ends justify the means, with a refined casualness and a smart and wicked smile. . And it’s very very funny!

FORCE MAJEURE  Director Ruben Astound

From Sweden comes this sophisticated look at a typical successful nuclear family on a ski vacation where an absent “dad” can be present for his two children and a “wife” can get the amorous attention she has been craving, but lacking, from her career-driven husband. It’s sort of middle class normal until a close encounter with an avalanche at breakfast leaves each emotional and traumatized.  Nothing is the same after the disruption exposes the inner life of the husband and wife that had been repressed. Whew! What happens to them is both a very serious look at marriage as an identity and a subtle total send up of the myth of marriage. A film for a married couple but not a date night flick.

The Circle - Director Stefan Haupt

The Circle is the kind of documentary I love. I learned something I did not know. In 1934 a group of gay men in Zurich formed a private social club to break their isolation and to publish a journal that would be in three languages. This club continued to meet despite the outside world of the 30's and 40's.  In 1948 the Das Kreis rented a pub in Zurich to house a club in which “homophiles“ from all over Switzerland could meet, exchange ideas and get to know one another.  The film focuses on a couple, Ernst Ostertag and Röb Röbi, who met at the club in the 1950’s and are still in a same sex relationship now institutionalized as marriage. Director Stefan Haupt mixed current footage of the couple, while recreating in a narrative form the club's history and the period when these two men met. The journal was read worldwide.  George Platt Lynes and Harry Hay both appeared in the pages. A complete set of the journal is in the US at Yale.  The Circle is not only a love story but also a discovery of how gay and lesbian people found ways to build community when homosexuality was a crime, as with the Matching Society in the US.  This is a remarkable story whose appeal is more than just historical. A couple who have been together for 58 years has something to say to couples of all ages and sexual orientation. What the film lacks in craft (which is minor,) is overcome by the actual history reclaimed.

Meet the subjects in a impromptu interview :

Foxcatcher - Director Bennett Miller

With a Stanley Kubrick eye for landscape and a Harold Pinter ear for the absurdist language of nightmares, Miller is back. Best known for Capote he ups his game and takes one harsh and scrumptious look at the rich and how they are different from the rest of us. They know they own the world and act on it. No, this is not about the Koch family but about the DuPonts. Adapting a best seller, Miller makes a dark gothic comedy of the machinations of suppressed desire and visions of grandeur only the wealthy can truly harbor.  The Dupont heir, a Little Lord Fauntleroy at 50, is delusional. He decides he will coach the US Olympic wrestling team. Accustomed to getting what his wealth can buy, he sets up shop on the family estate and gets the team and plays coach. Two brothers, gold medalists, are convinced to come, played in a remarkable career-turning performance by Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo, always a pitch perfect actor. Steve Carell is almost unrecognizable as the Dupont heir. Miller slowly fills the screen until we see a game of psychotic power being played out by Carell to salve his repressed sexual desires and to please his Mommy Dearest, the formidable Vanessa Redgrave. Although not central to the plot, a serious question is raised about the Olympic men of gold who are one day heroes and then are remembered only as statistics.


The 60's were a tremulous time and one of the most explosive issues with world wide impact started in Westchester NY when a middle aged white woman married and living the supposed perfect suburban life woke up one morning and decided she was mad and did not know why . She spent time asking her self "why" and spoke to other housewives in her community and they realized they felt invisible and not recognized for their intelligence and creativity. Her name was Betty Freidan.
In 1963 she published The Feminine Mystique. 43 years after the suffragettes movement had gotten he 19th Amendment to the US Constitution passed .It gave women the r right to vote.  A second wave of feminism was born in Betty Freidan's kitchen.In 1966 she formed NOW (The National Organization of Women). it was basically a white middle class movement until 1968 the year of political change. Women's Liberation exploded in the radical movements in the streets. Much of the initial organizing of this now called Women's Liberation was birthed right here in NYC with the formation of groups like Red Stocking  Feminism caught fire and not just with white,  middle class heterosexual women. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE IS ANGRY documents the time. While the complicated issues of who were the leaders and what did they want would take multiple hours of presentation, Director Mary Dore has created an important documentary that gives an overview to how they revolution in identity happened in the US. She puts in documentary form a wonderful introductory study guide to how feminism changed how women saw themselves and each other and their role in the world. Ideas spread like a pair fire across the US and later the rest of the world.  Through clips we meet some of the women who thought hard  and fought against sexism, shared information about oppression through a tool they developed called consciousness raising and published books about woman's bodies and health as well as sexism in the work place. Dore and her editor, Nancy Kennedy  have produced a visual timeline that indexes how a movement grew as a visual history.  Some may quibble about who and  what is not included .. and yes I thought about things like the Woman's Music Community and how it brought women together to organize around common feelings and the desire for change in how women saw themselves and their place in the workforce, political life and the family. But there can e and should be more films etc.. Bravo I say for this introductory lesson. Post-Modern education has often failed to tell just how the radical idea that all women in all cultures have the right to control their own bodies  and not the State, the Church, the Boss or their husbands. A perfect intergenerational film that mothers and daughters should see together as well as with their partners and their sons

(CC) Jim Fouratt 11/27/2014

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Academy announces SHORT LIST of 15 Documentaries from 134 submitted to be whittled to final 5

I34 documentary films were submitted for consideration for the Oscar.
The Academy’s Documentary Branch determined the shortlist in a preliminary round of voting. Documentary Branch members will now select the five nominees from among the 15 titles. I have seen all of them and think it a very good list. Goggle the title ans see if any are playing in a theater near you..or are available on VOD (streaming)... what's missing ? for me THE E-Team,and the Pamala Smart doc ....and you ????
"Art and Craft," Purple Parrot Films
"The Case against 8," Day in Court
"Citizen Koch," Elsewhere Films
"CitizenFour," Praxis Films
"Finding Vivian Maier," Ravine Pictures
"The Internet’s Own Boy," Luminant Media
"Jodorowsky’s Dune," City Film
"Keep On Keepin’ On," Absolute Clay Productions
"The Kill Team," f/8 filmworks
"Last Days in Vietnam," Moxie Firecracker Films
"Life Itself," Kartemquin Films and Film Rites
"The Overnighters," Mile End Films West
"The Salt of the Earth," Decia Films
"Tales of the Grim Sleeper," Lafayette Film
"Virunga," Grain Media

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Six films to get you through boycott Back Friday and the weekend of consumer overload..... they are listed listed in order

Six  films to get you through boycott Black

Friday and the weekend of consumer overload..... they are listed in order of my preference .. 






6: ELSA and FRED 

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THE CIRCLE jim fouratt chats w/historical subjects ernst and robi re: i934 Zurich

The CIRCLE is the kind of documentary I love . I discovered by watching it something I did not know nor ever heard of: In 1934 a group of gay men in Zurich formed a private social club to break isolation and to publish a journal that would be published in three languages.This club continued to meet despite the outside world of the 30's and 40' In 1948 the KREIS rented  a  pub in Zurich to house a  club in which „homophiles“ from all over Switzerland could meet, exchange ideas and get to know one another.  The film focuses on a couple,Ernst Ostertag, and Röbi Rapp, who met at the  ther club in the 1950's  and are still in a same sex relationship now institutionalized as marriage  last.. Director Stefan Haupt  mixed current footage of the couple while recreating in a narrative form the history of the club and the period when these two men met. The Journal was published in 3 languages and was read all over the world. George Platt Lynes and Harry Hay bot appeared in the pages. A complete set of the journal is in the US at YALE

 THE CIRCLE is not only a love story but a wonder discovery of how gay and lesbian people found ways to build community when homosexuality was a crime. Like Mattachine in the US this is a remarkable story whose appeal is more than just historical. A couple who have been together for 58 years has something to say to  couples of all ages and sexual orientation

What the film may lack in craft (minor) is over come by the history reclaimed,

This video interview took place at a breakfast for the couple and the director at the Swiss Consulate in New York City. It was not ideal location for an interview and I had to squeeze on to a couch to talk directly to them. But the audio is perfect ,,,

THE CIRCLE (DER KREIS) is  Switzerland's official submission for the Foreign Language Film Academy Award  and it won  the Panorama Audience Award at 2014 Berlin International Film Festival as well as the Teddy Award at 2014 Berlin International Film Festival  and in Los Angeles the Grand Jury Award at 2014 Outfest



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November 2014

Over 150 films will open somewhere in NYC from oct 15 to December 15. Much of this traffic is related to qualifying rules for the OSCARS, SPIRIT AND SAG awards.  Many of these films will be of merit. I will highlight some smaller films that will not have saturation media campaigns that I want to bring to your attention.. As well as two important local fFilm Festivals locally. That said let me first alert you to some institutional programing :

BAM (next wave)  : Exposed:Music Unseen Warhol Films (15 Films) featuring live Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound), Eleanor Friedberger (the Fiery FurnacesMartin Rev (Suicide) Tom Verlaine (Television)Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna)  

MoMA:  (nov 1-22) TO SAVE AND PROJECT: the 12th MoMA International Festival Of Film Preservation  (Nov1-24 )+ The Emergence Of Ann Sheridan, 1937–1943

Film Society Of Lincoln CenterFassbinder : romantic anarchist pt 2 : dead at 37. 40 films, plays and television dramas,  Fassbinder  remains a legend alive on the screen. . The series includes never screened before:in the US  BAAL. Also opening I Goodbye To Language 3D ,   jean-Luc Godard’s 43rd film has a two week run.. The most beautiful Goddard film to watch in years note : Nov 2nd  richard Brody, the new yorker film critic and author of Everything Is Cinema The Working Life Of Jean-Luc Godardat 7:30pm screening will intro the film


Two  very different film festivals dominate the month:

1: DOC NYC November 13- 20 in five years doc NY has grown from a startup to the largest doc film festival  in north america seeded over 10 years ago by thom powers’  tuesday weekly doc screening  series it has grown into this essential behemoth of a festival complete with world premiers, archival treasures , work of emerging doc directors, how to workshops and challenging topic panels. There is even a catch up screenings of the “contenders” for academy award screening. Whew! Tickets range for single admission to full festival passes.powers and team developed the following mission:  doc NYC aims to: Curate: guide audiences toward inspiring work. Cross Fertilize: gather practitioners of many fields – filmmakers, writers, photographers and other storytellers to inspire each other. Cross generations: use the festival’s partnership with School Of Visual Arts as a means for younger and older voices to communicate. Cultivate New Audiences: attract newcomers with the excitement of a festival atmosphere. Expand Distribution: help documentary storytellers make the most of emerging technologies such as video downloads, podcasts and electronic readers. Create social space: bring people together in theaters, lounges, and discussion spaces in greenwich village and chelsea.  Make The Most Of NYC: foster fresh connections between residents and expose visitors to the opportunities that happen only in new york. Http:// and it has over a 100 films screening + panels ect. Between the IFC and the Sva and Bow Tie Theaters On 23rd st . I like you will be seeing most of the program for the first time l but what I can recommend are:

THE AGE OF LOVE   speed dating for the over 70 set!!!

ALTHEA long before arthur Ashe or venus and Serena williams, Althea Gibson was the first african-american tennis player to become world champion.

BACK ON BOARD follows olympic gold medal  diver Greg Louganis after he returned to Los Angeles, Came Out,  was diagnosed with AIDS  and had to deal with the backlash both in his public and personal life including becoming homeless,

DO I SOUND GAY   Sure to cause controversy. Director David Thrope came out but he did not want to sound gay (?)  He documents his quest to change his voice. A subtle look at all the reinvention of self that crosses many boundaries in this world where subjectivity reformulates reality and identity.

ENGUIRING MINDS; THE UNTOLD STORY BEHIND THE MAN WHO FOUNDED THE NATIONAL ENQUIERER Director Ric Burns makes a pop culture leap from the height of his PBS historical insight on the Roosevelt down to world of  pop trash.  Before TMZ and Murdoch there was the National Enquire top rag on the heap of tabloid culture situated in the supermarket checkout isles. He  took CONFIDENTIAL's gossip rag attitude and made reading it a housewife’s secret addiction.

HAPPY VALLEY You may think cable news and the tabloids had uncovered every stone in the ESPN fan obsessed scandal of sexual abuse and molestation by Penn State University: head football coach . Joe Paterno had a thing for showers and boys and when finally this dirty little secret that many held slipped out, the stadium figuratively collapsed.  Amir Bar-Lev incisive looks at a college sports world drenched in dollars and asks why  a self-identified heterosexual,  famous college football coach obsessed with sex with adolescent boys says he is not gay and shines a light on the difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. The games that power tripping play and the damage done including to those who simply looked away. To his credit Bar-Lev has chosen to explore a more complex question of the american psyche rather than just settling for self-righteous finger pointing .

HEAVEN ADORES YOU This is documentary on indie rock cult musician  Elliott Smith who found himself  bolted from performing for maybe 40 people sitting on the  floor in a Portland, Oregon coffee shop/ live performance to appearing \almost overnight before 60,000,000 people when “Miss Misery” was nominated for an Oscar in 1998. He died in a controversial death (was it murder? Suicide ? Junkie love gone bad?)  just five years later, at the age of 34. But his legacy and music ,  like Jeff Buckley’s, proves there can be life after death,. Not a who done it, but a poetic (like Smith’s lyrics) exploration of Smith and his journey from portland to silverlake and what happened when he settled in. LA..

MIX NYC: THE 27TH QUEER EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL Nov 11- 16 2014 takes place in Brooklyn (of course ) at the Mix Hive and is unlike any other festival in world. If you were to put Burning Man inside a space and have the Radical Faeries create the environment and have film, .Multimedia Art and interactive performances programed by dedicated queer outsiders than  you would have MIX NYC. Here is how they describe themselves: mix NYC is a community of artists and organizers joined together to explore, share, and create queer experimental media through an ever-changing constellation of means. We make art for ourselves and our community, not for markets or museums. As always, at mix 27 we are proud to present the latest in queer experimental film and previously unseen works from legendary lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other queer-identified figures in avant-garde cinema. Over its 27 years years MIX NYC has spawned creative progeny that worldwide has impacted culture and identity. Note:.RAJENDRA Roy. Head film curator at MoMA first started as  an  intern  at Mix. Yes it is an  adventure for the eyes, ears, spirit and libido  from classic early gay porn of Peter De Roma to the long lost Burroughs : The Movie 

and everything queer art inbreeding can gestate   go here. The gender expression if fluid and the smacks vegan. Be advised the sticky content will sear your sensibility:

CITIZENFOUR director Laura Poitras: is essential viewing became of it's advocacy for both transparency and privacy. You will learn how the Edward Snowden's revelations unfolded in real time, not as cable network news and US government spin. I was impressed of the courage of Snowden, the reporter Glen Greenwald and Poitras under extremely stressful circumstances ..tension worthy of a James Bond plot.. Brave patriots defending the constitution and the American public. Greenwald and Poitras are involved with the INTERCEPT, a new internet news source ( What actually is a wonderful bonus about CITIZENFOUR is how beautifully crafted is as a piece of cinema

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE  director Justin Simien. What started as a blog by Simien which went viral has evolved into the funniest , serious movie of the year. Imagine black college students as minorities in predominately white college culture and population. Exploding every stereo type and taking on white defined assimilation permissions, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE is unlike any black representation I have seen in US cinema .. Too smart to mimic the grown up buppies and too sophisticated  to fall into tyler perry black romance romantic comedies, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE i suggest is a more authentic window into the journey of black students in a white world and their search for heir own American identity. Omg one of the heroes is a black gay nerd!.  A very racially and generational mixed audience i saw it with on a sold out Sunday afternoon howled thought out the film ...just not always at the same time.

BHOPAL: A PRAYER FOR RAIN director Ravi Kumar. it was the worse industrial accident in history:  30 years ago in Bhopal, India when Union Carbide’s industrial plant released toxic chemicals into the air and  10 thousand people died in one night. The film explores how the  CEO of Union Carbide (Martin Sheen) tried to bogart responsibility and dance around fair compensation to the families of the victims. A crusading activist (Kal Penn) and a french fashion journalist  who gets caught up and becomes a serious reporter (Mischa Barton) partner with others to tell the real story.. The tragedy fell off the world’s radar except in india where the government  attempted to whitewash who was responsible. Only when the YES MEN's successful prank of announcing to the media that millions of dollars of money would compensated people for their loss did it become again world wide front page story. Compounding  the YES MEN'S success was Union Carbide's denial of reaching a settlement package. A prank that woke a sleeping dog BHOPAL: A PRAYER FOR RAIN is political and human drama at its highest cinematic form. Since them the flip flop and the mass advertising campaign of BP and its responsibility the gulf oil spill  resonators with the coroprate machinations of Union Carbide.

more reviews: