Monday, May 8, 2017

A People's' victory that most people thought was impossible is a template for how to take back our country and restore the US Constitution

Freedom to Marry  In some radical circles, the Right to Marry is dished. In some political circles ownership of this history-changing victory for same-sex couples is claimed as one organization's victory. (HRC) . I watched the whole battle from beginning to end. I  remember at the very first meeting of the Gay Liberation Front on the third night of the Stonewall Rebellion when we polled the 150 people who showed up by asking each of them what they wanted.  A talisman was passed around  from person to person, like in Native American tradition and in the emerging feminist movement,  This was done to give a person the courage to break the silence of oppression. People finally in finding their voices said over and over again "I want to be able to hold the hand of the person love in public."want to be able to marry the person I love." I remember we hoped they would say:  We want a revolution in our lifetime.  But we heard what they wanted was to have their love acknowledged. We had to figure out how this desire in fact was a revolutionary act.  I remember Evan Wolfson choosing to make his life word making this desire acceptable.  Many, many people straight and gay and lesbian worked together to change the public perception of same-sex love. No one in my view deserves more credit than Evan Wolfson.You will understand why after you see this documentary. It will be available digitally in June

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