Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tribeca Recommendation: : Regarding Susan Sontag

Tribeca Film Festival recommendation #3 REGARDING SUSAN SONTAG 
Susan Sontag was a fierce, aggressive public intellectual and one of the few woman in the 60's taken seriously by the male intellectuals of her day, Her image was everywhere for over 20 years and her name remains a touch stone for feminist role models. But little was actually know bout her private life. For the last 8 years the documentary film community knew that Nancy Kates was attempting to make public the private life of Susan Sontag and her son author David Reif was fighting her tooth and nail .. he refused to talk with her and even attempted to stop anyone of Susan's friends to cooperate with Nancy. He failed and we have a beautifully nuanced film that will surprise and even shock some of the public who only know Sontag from her independent thinking contained in books, plays an movies . Whew ...all praise to the documentary film maker who does not give up despite the difficulty and time it takes .by the way her private life sizzles with passion and is a tribute to hoe she not only managed her lovers but disciplined her self to creative work.

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