Sunday, April 20, 2014

'REEL DEAL RECOMMENDATION : Dior and I' - Tribeca Film Festival -

Five do not miss Tribeca film festival recommendations ......there are still screenings left and the Rush line works if you get ther early ) .
#1 Dior and I Yes "haute couture" for the rich be they patrons o fashion vultures . But craftsmanship and the creation of beauty are always in the hands of the creators and they are for the most part ordinary working class people. Vision and beauty at the HOUSE OF DIOR transcends economics and class. Dior and I honors vision and the working hands of the people behind the premier catwalk of the "New Dior" ..and it is not only structured like a thriller but frame a after frame is crafted to seduce. you with images of beauty. The audience participates in the first launch of the new creative director steeped in the history of the founder himself

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