Friday, April 4, 2014

Must See: Panorama Europe at the Museum of the Moving Image ... here are the trailers and schedule on't miss MISS VIOLENCE

There are a lot of good films playing over the next two weeks prior to the Tribeca Film Festival ...but I would suggest strongly you go to the Museum of the Moving Image in LIC for  Panorama Europe ...two stops from Manhattan ... and discover the best films actually now playing in NYC . The ones I have seen surpass most of the films at New Directors and what so far I have seen in the press screenings for Tribeca  Film Festival ,,, and this will most likely the only chance you will get to see these films in the US .the theater itself is the best screening room in the City . Here you can find the films and their  trailers ... I particularly recommend : 
Miss Violence

Dream team 1935

Paradise Love  (female sex tourism  or is it?  )


Here you can find a complete list of the films with trailers and the schedule

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