Thursday, April 24, 2014

TFF 2104 THE RISE AND RISE OF BITCOM post screening panel with director and subjects moderated ny NYTinmes reporter. No questions taken from audience

   New York Times reporter moderates a discussion between the director Nicholas Mross  his brother  Dan Mross, a BITCOM devotee and  entrepreneur Charles Shrem under indictment for money laundering (we see him under huse arrest with a monitor around his ankle ...what influence did TFF pull to get him on their stage?) .  Two years in the making full of most of the young white male players. No questions were allow from the audience. It  did  cover most of the up to the minute details about the mysterious and rapidly changing world of Bitcom., Objective Fascinating ..Yes ... unsettling ...yes .. not because of  the technology but  because of a seeming lack of any moral responsibility in the quest for profit and deregulation. It does take on the banks  but what we are shown as an alternative seems to be Ayn Rand-ish in its avarice.   A mixture of Reganmonics and libertarian financial principles that turns their collective backs on economic inequality in the world

Itswould seem its programming at Tribeca had less to do with quality as it did with the subject of BITCOM

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