Sunday, April 20, 2014

REEL DEAL RECOMMENDATION Something Must Break teaser

Tribeca Film Festival recommendation #5 : Something Must Break; Not since Crying Game and Soldiers Girl has there been an upfront, quality narrative film that explores desire, attraction. erotic play and homophobia, What distinguishes Something Must Break is that it does not take a simplistic look and settle for gays or men who want to be women narrative , Instead it breaks out in to an exploration of gender expression and an individual's courage to not give in to society's demands . For the first time "gender-queer" the movement to not change one sex to conform to a heterosexual ideal is front and center on the screen ... and done with an extraordinary sense of appropriateness, sensitivity and craft . A film that could not be more timely as the censorship of ideas around gender expression, sexual orientation and identify are nearing an almost storm trooper enforcement on the internet and in academia. love/desire has no gender or sexual orientation. Society does. A film I recommend to everyone .. particularly parents and teachers trying to "do the right thing"

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