Friday, April 8, 2016

REALITY CHECK: The Continuing Censorship Of VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, a documentary about the possible role of vaccines in causing autism in children

When the Tribeca Film Festival pulled a film that it had programed and Robert DeNiro had championed  it made me wonder why the public was being denied the opportunity to see a film by a major film festival.  It felt like censorship to me. I wanted to see VAXXED: From Cover-Up  to Catastrophe, because of the number of friends I know who have autistic children without any cause found.. and the prediction in 20 years 1 in 2 children will becoming autistic at the rate of growth we have today. .. I raised the question of censorship and as I did a firestorm of mainstream media went on the warpath and literally told people NOT to see the film. On  my Facebook page a very intense discussion raged with friends from Act Up and political organizers raging against a film they had not seen. I listened and read their comments and it only made me want to see the film for myself before i decide how I felt about the film's content . I did see the film and was shocked  that all most all of the discussion of what was in the film by people who had not see the film was not what I saw and heard in the film itself. I knew the role that Big Pharma and its lobbyist have played  politically to protect their  huge vaccine created profit. Rather than rattle on I simply want to say : see the film. A second week has been added at the Angelica and will open in Los Angeles on the 19th. Judge for yourself and if you want to comment, please refrain until you have actually seen the film . Remember my goal here is anti-censorship and in support of people making their own INFORMED choice of what they do with their own and their children's bodies. The Gnome has taught me that each of our bodies is unique. What may work for one person does not mean it will work on every other body. This is for me a huge lesson in health care. Here Del Bigtree,  a very articulate producer of Vaxxed, a successful Los Angeles television producer is interviewed by WE THE PEOPLE  and asked why  he produced the documentary and why you should see it ..  I am simply standing up for freedom of expression and against the censorship of any creative person's work.... and my right to withhold judgement on a creative work until i have actual  see it .... and I just received News that the film has been pulled from a Film Festival in Houston after heavy political pressure that threatened the future of the Festival and the Editor of the Village Voice has sent out an apology for originally promoting  the film .

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