Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Leadership & Longevity - Dr. Andrew Wakefield: CDC Whistleblower, Autism...

The last three days there has been a tsunami of controversy inside the Tribeca Film Festival . When the program for this year's Festival went online  a documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe was listed  as having one showing; it was described in the following way.

    Rik Little Big pharma threatens Travis.
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    George M. Carter I haven't followed Wakefield except his '98 paper claiming evidence for a link with MMR and autism was retracted and found to be fraudulent. I think there are some reasons to be concerned about specific MMR vaccines, maybe about the timing of when to v...See More
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    Solundy Icantstandit The data is clear: before vaccines, people died. On a monumental scale.
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    George M. Carter Agreed. Merck's version of the MMR did have serious issues. Autism wasn't one of them but THAT to me points to a more serious issue the film festival could address.

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    Jim Fouratt
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    Joan Lipkin I think De Niro made the right decision especially given what I understand about the scientific community. Its utterly irresponsible to give air time to a documentary that is full of fallacious information made by a filmmaker/Doctor Who has been discre...See More
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    Celia Ingrid Farber Nobody seems to have bothered to even watch the trailer. This film is about the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson who has been granted Federal Whistleblower status by President Obama, and who has stated, repeatedly, that the CDC committed abject s...See More
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    Celia Ingrid Farber De Niro spoke with Posey for well over an hour. He saw the film, he spoke at length with all the players. He was fully committed, as well as mortified that he had not done anything to help this far.

    Who got to him at the 11th hour, and how, is not known. ...See More

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    Celia Ingrid Farber As for Gardasil, which has outright killed upward of 300 young girls so far--it has also been shown in the scientific literature to cause permanent irreversible infertility (menopause) in 13, 14 year old girls.

    It is a catastrophe. EVEN pro-vaccine z...See More

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    Celia Ingrid Farber Jim, it is critical that dangerous information about Gardasil is stopped. I am not worried about you but please explain to your friends that this is real. It is a very dangerous situation for millions of young girls. Girls, as you know, have no status, so we need all the help we can get.


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    Celia Ingrid Farber And lastly, here is the petition, which has links to critical CDC Whistleblower documentation and testimonials. This is about high level criminal fraud at the CDC, which left millions of children brain damaged.

    Tribeca Film Festival does not matter. This is a Tsunami, coming. They're terrified, and desperate-- and rightly so. ...See More

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    Celia Ingrid Farber And Jim....thank you for posing the question. I wish you ran the thing. (Tribeca.) You have the right spirit.
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    Celia Ingrid Farber Jim: Watch this, if you have 11 minutes. I think you will get a lot out of it.

    The real story has not even begun. It began with a very real and very blatant conspiracy within the Murdoch empire, in cahoots with GlaxoSmithKilne....See More

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    George M. Carter Sadly, Celia, with your absurd HIV denialist views, you have zero credibility in my eyes. I'll trust Snopes over you any day of the week of any fucking year. http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/cdcwhistleblower.asp

    Rumor: Data suppressed by the CDC proved that the MMR vaccine produces a 340% increased risk of autism in…
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    Solundy Icantstandit One of your questions was what is the role of a film festival. TriBeCa can certainly screen whatever irresponsible tripe it wants and call it a documentary, but nothing good for the public will come of fueling this curious anti vaxxer hysteria. It wo...See More
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    Jim Fouratt
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