Tuesday, April 26, 2016

James Franco ruins one more interesting Queer film KING COBRA fuirst look TRIBECA review

KING COBRA director Justin Kelly 

TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL first look review 

Having seen King Cobra,I must report James Franco, with his queer chic fixation,  fails one more time to honor the story.  Franco seemingly permanently damaged by Queer Theory guru and one of his mentors, the  author and academic Michael Warner, Instead of going to a theory detox, continues his quest to be the Foucault of cinema. His production company takes a sensational and complex real life story that involves the gay porn industry and manages to make a cheesy and embarrassingly acted 
..or should I say overacted (Franco) amateurishly acted (Keegan Allen),  Garrett Clayton's “Oh Gosh I am beautiful” acting.and Christian Slater's "Damn. Am I glad I have a job acting.” These are not the Actors Studio character study, Justin Kelly has now directed two gay content films with Franco playing the lead. In I Am Michael,  the first one,  had a lead character who was an activist in San Francisco who finds God and bingo goes "straight". As in his Cruising disaster Franco manages to grab all the light and through the strength of his narcissism sucks literally all the energy out of each frame he is in. Why he is doing these kinds of film baffles me. He is smart and talented... If only Ira Sachs or Travis Matthews or Silas Howard guided by the the steady, tough hand of a Christine Vachon, had she been in charge of this production. Under any of their hands, I know it would have been cast differently and the director would have been in control. And hopefully maybe just maybe the complex human drama of exploitation, desire., jealousy and manipulation might have come through rather than have Franco with his butt up in the air and his once radiant smile now grown weary around edges, take the story into celluloid quicksand. His force of personality and fingers push King Cobra into a gay version of a bad Mexican novella, After reading his rave review, I suggest The Guardian's  critic Nigel Smith take a break from low budget gay Hollywood and de-dazzle himself with taste of true gritty reality anywhere away from Lavender LaLa land and its queer hard-core, quick buck fantasy machine.

TRAILOR : http://video.ew.com/v/114620299/video.ht

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