Saturday, December 28, 2013


 Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen returns to serious subject matter after his recent bom bom to Paris. Blue Jasmine is a film about the world of Bernie Madoff and the people he fleeced. No, not a word of the script says this but it is the underlying tension of the film. Like a modern Chaplin, Allen organizes his story telling by focusing on the individual journey documented in each resonant frame. Here, like in American Hustle, we meet a woman who has reinvented herself to be what she thinks is success. Cate Blanchett (Jasmine) as would be expected brings to life this desperate woman whose life has fallen completely apart as she clings on to her perfect Channel suit that suffers as she does in the story telling. Think Ruth Madoff. But Woody like a comedic Fassbinder is never satisfied with one simple story line . So we meet her, slick crooked devil tongued, con man husband (Alec Baldwin of course), her working class sister she has tried to hide and now is the only one she can turn to ( Sally Hawkin in a performance begging for an Oscar) , her ex husband (Andrew Dice Clay wow is he good) her current boyfriend (sexy greaser Bobby Cannavale) stand out . A moral tale in vivid technicolor . And Woody does have a way with making a city beautiful and here he does it again including the fast shrinking working class part of the Mission district and goes to the top of Pacific Heights where wealth lives.and the would be elected official( Peter Sarsgaard) lives and is the possible solution to Jasmine's situation until her past catches up with her fantasy of herself . I kept thinking leaving the theater just how much money does Ruth Madoff still have?

Sally Hawkins and Bobby Cannavale post Variety screening Q&A

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