Monday, December 23, 2013

2nd look confirms what I did not like about INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS : 2nd look : the Coen brothers have their critical glow but their recreation of the early 60's Greenwich Village Folk scene while picture perfect is as hollow as a plastic fruit ornament How horrible that credible artist like Dave Van Ronk and Peter, Paul and Mary are referenced in every Coen Brothers interview as inspirations and than devolved into flat, unlikable character studies . Its not the actors or craters fault, each is as always in a Coen Brothers film,  point perfect,. The fault lies once again with the yes here soften but still misanthropic world view that underscores every Coen brothers film. Too many people are still alive that were a part of the actual explosion of Folk music culture for the Coen's too get away with their subjectivity of what was. Here Dave Ronk's ex-wife reacts: Terri Thal remembers and Sylvia Topp, wife of Tuli Kupferberg remembers. I moved to Greenwhich Village in 1961. Other than capturing the "look" of both the Village and teh Upper West Side,  the film troubled me as it did not reflect my memory of the period and the places and peopple I knew it  reputedly references. If craft is your reason for going to movies..than it sparkles. But as to authenticity ...oh Please ! Makes one think just what did the residents of Fargo, ND actually thinkof the critically acclaimed FARGO ?

Actually the documentary Another Day ANOTHER TIME : Celebrating the music of INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS  that the  Coen brothers made of the T-Bone Burnett produced Folk Concert  at Town Hall in September with its inter-generational artist roster captured the spirit of generosity and artistic competitiveness  a community of talented folk artist ranging from Joan Baez to Munford and Sons in concert generate. That is what I remember most about the the early 60's folk scene ... and surprise surprise the actor Oscar Issac holds his own onstage !

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