Saturday, December 28, 2013

HURRY HURRY : The best movie deal to see this weekend! THE NEW RIJKSMUSEUM Parts 1 & 2 Film Forum NYC

i know Scorsese's' The Wolf of Wall Street, the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis, Ben Stiller's Mitty and Mommy Monster Meryl Streep are all shouting ME ME ME but the best in ticket town for smart people is a double feature now at the Film Forum It is the remarkable adventure of remodeling a world class museum . It is has all the elements of a great mystery adventure. It , will gain respect for curators and the short sightedness of some "community folk " etc etc etc ...and OMG the paintings and the politics. Unforgettable characters ..( note i came out of the theater jonesing for the Daniel Craig lookalike who is the current museum head ) ...what more can one ask of a doc anyway ? trailer is in the link .Trust me on this one ..the others will be around for weeks ....but this only has three more days

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