Tuesday, April 16, 2013

REVIEW : : DISCONNECT director Henry-Alex Rubin

In theaters now  DISCONNECT explores how new technologies impact on people's lives and raises questions of authenticity, intimacy, boundaries and privacy as it weaves CRASH like stories that have a La Ronde like human contact template. With a excellent cast that includes Mr. Everywhere ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD and the indelible HOPE DAVIS  questions of cybersex, fake identities, inauthentic intimacy. voyeurism  and most dramatically  identity thief. How humans are trained to change by machines could be one way to look at this provocative film, or how human beings actually are capable of human emotions like empathy , anger, compassion, revenge which machines are not. DISCONNECT is disruptive on a personal level of  how a viewer may behave in cyberspace and holds out the hope that humanity still exists in a world where tabloid journalism and TMZ blur what is private and what is public.  Director HENRY-ALEX RUBIN and writer  ANDREW STERN are to be commended for peeling back the so "freedom of expression" the internet was to promote to reveal how twisted human values  can be in the interface with social media . Yes you can think how a powerful progressive politician was humiliated for a twitter mistake and made to publicly self-flagellate for what should have been a private matter .His non-crime was to have made his tweet  public ...and then to deny his action.. a cyber activity that millions of computer users participate in every day. See DISCONNECT it will give you second thoughts about what happens when you use click on social media site!

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