Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One of the films that failed to get nominated for an Academy Award  this year for best Documentary was Lee Hirsh's THE BULLY PROJECT. It premiered at Sundance 2011. Bought by Harvey Weinstein and then laid on the shelf for over a year despite media stories about adolescent suicide and anti-Bullying legislation. That a dishonest doc like HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE could suck all the air out of the Academy awards nominations room left the BULLY PROJECT in the smoke.  I hope you will seek it out on the various Video on Demand sites  (Hula+, NetFlix etc). It is a remarkable study of just how young the kids themselves are who bully and reflects upon the families they come from and the schools they attend. Tragic are the parents and the sensitive, non-invasive camera and Hirsh's interviews keeps you present when you would want to turn away. Shocking is the footage of kids bullying other kids.  Here is an interview with the Director which is a perfect setup for watching this important documentary.

Jim Fouratt chats with Lee Hirsh about his film THE BULLY PROJECT

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