Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jim McGreevey's FALL FROM GRACE is the subject of Alexandra McGreevey 's new HBO documentary

Post screening Q&A

Jim McGreevey's FALL TO  GRACE was a tabloid covered scandal.. The Governor of NJ is accused of sexual harassment by another man . James McGreevey was caught in the big lie. Married, politically ambitious his "Fall From Grace" was very public. This is not what this snart doc from the ever curious Alexandra Pelosi (her doc on travelling the campaign trail with George Bush is  minor classic0 asks:  what happens when you try to put your life back together? McCreevey went to Episcopal seminary and found he was most effect in carrying the message by doing work with people he had something very core with : how he hurt not only himself but his family and supporters. How he found hope is what he shares with theses women in desperate straights within a penal system that is more centered on punishment than rehabilitation. Here in this post screening Q&A he shows what a consummate politician he is with the added insight that only compassion forself and others can teach.


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