Monday, October 17, 2016

What’s Rape’s Brand? | Michele Mitchell | TEDxNavesink

Yes actually one good thing has come out of the accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump. The 9 women (so  far) who have with courage spoken up of their non-consensual sexual experiences with Trump have role modeled for millions of women ad yes some men (myself included) who have stuffed experiences they have kept secret for many years or just yesterday. Many of us have been positively triggered to now speak out about what happened to us . This expanding collective act of self affirmation can have a very healthy impact on how misogyny and power is exposed operates in the sexual arena. And hopefully impact young people of what "rape culture really is .... i want to thank the women who have spoken up ..and now all can see what happens on an individual basis with women who have spoken up in the workplace etc. DTs response exposes one of the core reasons women and some men remain silent . Now it is out in the open ..let a million stories be spoken aloud. 

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