Friday, August 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday : it was me and Ingrid superstar and Gerard Malanga and.Andy Warhol

Throwback Thursday : it was me and Ingrid and Gerard and.Andy was behind the movie camera .. footage at the Andy Warhol Museum.. I was studying with Lee Strasberg .and doing plays at Cafe Cino and La MaMa . and really would have preferred at the time to be working with Kazan.. I did not consider Warhol superstars actors .. Viva was the exception, and I have always thought she could have been a huge success if she had wanted it.(Watch Agnes Vardas' Lions Love) My friends Tom Baker, Sylvia Miles and Louis Waldron were all SAG members with training and film, television and Broadway credits (Waldron and Miles) were the exceptions. The others were playing exhibitionistic exaggerations of themselves.. and yes that was often exciting to watch but it was not acting as the craft I was learning .. hearing Marlon Brando in the recent documentary Listen to Me Marlon… based on his personal aural documentation addresses in a way the craft of acting unlike any other actors recollection that I know .. a must see for any actor at any stage of v carrer (thanks for to Laura Levine for digging this up from the archives of a photographer she had been friends with when he passed

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