Sunday, August 16, 2015

REVIEW: the Wolfpack Director Crystal Moselle

The Wolfpack
Director Crystal Moselle

Moselle is a young critic’s darling. This movie made me see red at Sundance. A young college student who wants to be a filmmaker sees on the street five long-haired young men walking in a pack and is fascinated by them, secretly following them to where they live in public housing. She continues to follow them whenever she hears they are out, which is extremely rare, as they have been kept inside by their parents sometimes for a full year.

 Why is not ever made clear—nor is much actual information given to the viewer in order to understand who these boys are. We are titillated with some “facts.” They are home-schooled by their mother; they learn most of their social skills by play acting out Quentin Tarantino films. (Got that!) There is a sister, but we never learn anything about her. In fact, we never learn much about any of them except what we see.
 This film should have stayed a film school project where Moselle could have benefited from scholastic critique. Instead, the film was snatched up at Sundance and the director, rather than learning from the mistakes she has made, becomes a festival celebrity. Oy!  

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