Sunday, April 26, 2015

Abigail Disney's ARMOR of LIGHT a path to ending gun violence with Rob Schrenck and Lucy MsBride . A different kind of reaching across the aisle Tribeca Festival Review

 Abigail Disney's' directing debut which premiered at the Tibeca Film Festival is a riveting look at how to stop gun violence . Focusing on two Christians: one the  mother of Troy Davis the black teenager killed in a "Stand your ground" shooting into a car filled with four black unarmed  teenagers in Atlanta, GA   and the other  an Evangelical Pastor who works as a Christian lobbyist in Washington D.C.  as well as being the the President of the National Church Council.. He lobbies for "Christian Values" including right to life measures which will limit a woman's right to control their bodies. Both want to stop gun violence.  The Reverent Rob Schenck, raised in the Jewish religion was converted in to Christianity at the age of 17. He is troubled by the shooting deaths of pro-choice doctors by Christian activists citing Jesus as their inspiration. Lucy McBride wants to stop the shooting of any child so no parent has to experience what she has gone through with the loss of her only child. Ms.McBride is the daughter of an NAACP activist and a devout Christian who does not believe in abortion but does support the right of every woman to control her own body. The film reflects their journey through differences  to a common goal. Each listens to the other, She hears his concern about the '80's meshing together under Ronald Reagan of Evangelicals and the NRA, leading to gun support and joining the Republican Party. Disney looks at how change is possible when people decide to actually listen to each other and find not what they disagree about but what they have in common.  Disney, best know as a producer of Academy Award/Spirit Award nominated documentaries like Pray the Devil Back to Hell  and The Invisible War with the help of   her co-director Kathleen Hughes has certainly learned how to make a non-preachy documentary on a very serious subject. All the craft aspects are beautifully done especially the editing and the music. Armor of Light shows a path to bridging the political gap between people of conscience.

World Premier post screening QandA at  Tribeca Film Festival 2015

Among the people in the audience were the Mayor of New York and his wife.

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