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Jim Fouratt's IndieWire-CriticWire ballot Sundance 2015 + comments

For those film buffs who care about these things: Here is my IndieWire/ Criticwire ballot for Sundance 2015. In my comments I disagree with some of the awards . I suggest you place this somewhere and refer to it as these films become available for viewing. some times this takes a year, or only on vod.I will give expanded reviews when they become available: (go to Sundance Film Festival Guide online read more about film IndieWire/CriticWire ballot Sundance 2015
Jim Fouratt Westview News (NYC), Reel Deal: Movies that Matter, Framework,
1. The End of the Tour
2.Take me to the River
3. Tangerine
4. Princess
5. The Summer of Sangaile
1. Dreamcatcher
2 .Black panthers Vanguard of the Revolution
3.the hunting ground
4.Cartel Land
5 Going Clear
1.sean baker tangerine
2. Matt Sobel Take Me to the River
3 kim longinotto Dreamcatcher
4.james ponsoldt The end of the tour
5.tali shalom ezer PRINCESS
1. jason segel The End of the Tour
2.jesse eisenberg The End of the Tour
3.Jermale Clementi People Places and things
4.Zachary Quinto I am Michael
5. regina casse the second mother
1. jeremy chabriel - partisan
2.michael chernus people places and things
3. joan cusack end of the tour
4.Connie Britton Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
1. princess
3.the witch
4 diary of a teenage girl
5 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.alfonso Gomez - Regon
1: People Places and Things
2. The End of the Tour
3.The Witch
4.Take me to the River
5. tangerine
2. Tangerine
3. Take me to the River
4. Partisan
5. eden
Comment: I have been attending Sundance for over 20 years. I have seen it split into 2 Sundances : the One on Main Street .. stars . parties, music etc. and the authentic Sundance that Robert Redford envisioned when he stated it.John Cooper has returned Sundance to the original concept while at the same time recognizing Hollywood independent movies. The addition of the NEXT and New Frontiers categories takes Sundance into the future/
My film viewing criteria at Sundance is this: US docs. World Docs, World Narrative, NEXT, US Narrative, New Frontier and SHORTS. I do not go see films with stars that will open somewhere in the next year. My job as critic is to ferret out those films that in the current distribution crisis need to be seen and written about … above any other concern. I did go to The End of the Tour because of the subject matter and it turned out to be one of the best films I saw this year.
I do tape many of the post screening public Q&A's and be viewed on my youtube channel reeldealmovies
I saw 58 features in the 10 days at Sundance. . I did little other than be in a darken room with light splashed across a screen
The documentary category both US and World was full of worthy films and to limit to five was very difficult :The Chinese Mayor,The Masks you live in, What Happened Miss Simone, Welcome to Leith, The Amine Project. Censored Voices, Best of Enemies all were deserving.
I am Michael : I thought it was the best critique of Queer Theory I have ever seen. When you have no identity you are vulnerable to the dominant cultures seduction. Religion and spirituality are two very different things . Quite frankly I am tired of seeing James Franco's thick 40 year old body flesh out characters younger than himself. The dazzling smile works but it is for me wearing thin.
Grand Jury prize documentary winner Wolfpack is full of holes can do that in an experimental narrative … and you can’t in a documentary.. You can have an experimental arc such as in Iraq In Fragments . But you can not have basic connecting information left out . The filmmaker says she saw these boys on the Street and followed then. She was seduced by the image but fails to have the skills to go underneath that seduction. That is what a good documentary filmmaker does.
jim fouratt in transit and sick with what may be the flue .

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