Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finally someone is asking questions about The Imitation Game......

I have know of Alan Turning and his history since the late '60.This horrible story of the damaging of a brilliant brain who was instrumental in ending WWII because of his self admitted homosexuality and this history of having to closet it himself in order to work was pone one of the motivation that made me become an activist despite knowing how in my on life it would damage my career goals.  When I saw the film I while happy (yes) that at lat at last more of the public would know of this gay hero and what happened to him because he was a homosexual, I did have an uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of my stomach when I left the theater. Not with the performance of the Benedict Cumberbatch but with hoe his character was written and directed, I did wonder if Turning based on the portrayal was in fact a highly functioning person with aspinger syndrome, a form of autism, or simply  a victim of having to closet himself in his daily life. When I attempted to broach this subject with friends gay or straight I was met with unwelcome ears,. So recently reading this piece in the Guardian by the always insightful and au condraie Alex Von Tunzelma made me realize I was not alone in my questions not of this portrait of Alan Turning.

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