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SECOND OPINION: Laetrile At Sloan Kettering director Eric Merola

: Laetrile At Sloan Kettering director Eric Merola

I always wondered what happened to laetrile the apricot seed based cancer treatment that many people felt offered hope to cancer victims. I remembered the denouncements of quackery etc. Second Opinion is the shocking tale of the repression of the actual scientific research that the leading cancer treatment hospital in the US did in the early '70's; the the fate of an honorable whistle-blower who tried to tell the truth. Eric Merola lets science maverick and writer Ralph W. Moss, Ph.d tell the story he lived. Moss was hired by Sloan Kettering to be their Communications Director, His job was to spin the news about the work Sloan-Kettering was doing on Cancer research. He became friendly with one of their top researchers and the oldest scientist on-staff Dr. Kanematusi Sugiura
a co-inventor of chemotherapy who was conducting a very traditional data backed study of the efficacy of laetrile in cancer treatment.
In a sentence Dr. Suiguira's studies showed while laetrile was not a cure, laetrile did in fact slow down growth and prevent new cancer tumors

At first, Sloan-Kettering executives were supportive of the study and wanted to tell the medical and scientific community this good news.

But politics and profit cut them off as they were about to testify at a federal hearing.

This is the crux of this very absorbing scientific mystery tale. Included in the telling is the role the John Birch Society (the grandfather to today's Tea Party ) played, the pharmaceutical industry's machinations (laetrile cost $75 and chemotherapy averaged at the time $75,000). How Moss with his left wing 60's politics hooked up with Science for the People after he was fired and how a small collective of anonymous scientists .some of whom were employed by Sloan Kettering. They published a journal called SECOND OPINION which published all of Dr Sugiura research work on Laetrile. The group has remained anonymous except for one who did speak publicly for the documentary, Westview's own Alex Pruchnicki M.D., How small a word we live in! … Fascinating material that is as relevant today as it was then
Q&A • "Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering" • Ralph W. Moss & Eric Merola

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