Thursday, November 7, 2013


DOC NYC TICKET ALERT: REVENGE OF THE MEKONS may be the most perfect generational(s) documentary on any band that I have seen ..and that includes directors iI hold in high regard : Lynch, Scorsese, Maysles Pennebaker , Demme ... not separating music/art from day to day life and survival, REVENGE is a must see doc to watch and NO you do not have to know who the band is (but of course I think you should ) + smart people say smart things about a band tha never saw themselves as better than or "special" and created a sonic family among themselves and the ears and hearts that fell in love with them Trust me : Mekon community wil snatch every single ticket so get your ticket now in fact get PUNK SINGER at the same time ...The Kathleen Hanna doc .. and remember jim tipped you ,... and yes i think I gave the MEKONS  their first US stage at HURRAH

note L world premnier at DOC NYC ... the trailer is a work in progress trailer but the film at DOC NYC seems to be the most recent version 

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