Friday, May 3, 2013

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn finally opens in NYC

Opening at last, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn ... one of my favorite festival films of 2012. Sort of a cousin to mumblecore .. but too infuse with life to be so labeled. Turtle Hill is about friendship, love, commitment and community. Meet the new Brooklyn. In another decade this groups of friends would be living in the East Village or today in Bushwick.... or wherever that creative people live and work where rent is affordable and space user friendly. A right of passage from 20s to the big T (30) Similar in the characters relationships to Travis Matthew's  I WANT YOUR LOVE.  While less  full frontal, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn is as emotionally accessible in its pleasurable authenticity.  How we grow up and own our own lives could be one way of describing this perfect gem of a small movie,  Turtle Hill, Brooklyn is  just what indie film making has always been about. RYAN GIELEN is a story teller to watch,...Bet there is someone in the film that you will want to take home .....or stained your heart

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn TRAILER

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