Thursday, May 23, 2013

We're Not Broke screens at The Film Society of lincolin Center just as NYtimes breaks story of Apple and other US Corporations do not pay any corporate taxes on Billions of dollars held off-shore

Ever since I saw this at Sundance it has rattled in my head . The revelations about major U.S. corporations NOT paying corporate taxes and the recent NY TIMES expose on Apple and the defiant stance of Apple executive Tim Cook at this week's Senate hearing made me want to go to the The Film Society of Lincoln Center's screening  May 22 . I wanted to hear the discussion with filmmaker Karin Hayes and tax maven and Lauren Bacall sound-a -LIke Lee Sheppard. Film Sociey programer, Isa Cucinotta,  led a welcomed inltelligent conversation with audience participation post screening. I happen to love this kind of event where a post screening discussion can take place. Its been popping up all over the country in one night screenings as well as all over the world. Perfect memorial day movie. Have your friends over while it rains and screen and discuss. Shocking. go to web site and find out how to stream in your living room. note: I suggest you do not use Itunes to stream ..watching you will understand why.


Sundance post world premier screening Q&A

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