Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TV’s most Islamophobic show - Salon.com

Almost  everyone I know (including myself) says HOMELAND  was  their favorite must watch TV show this season ( It's on cable which means it is ok for smart  "I don't watch TV except for news programs" folk to 'fess up. even  though the producers brought to public acclaim and ratings rule the pro-torture "24", the TV  favorite of those forgotten villains  Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld   Or should I say this show bleeds into creating a film  audience for Zero Dark Thirty?  Or should I ask is it a good thing that smart little girls have a new alternative to SUPER MODEL as a choice of  what they want to be when they grow up? Is it really true that that best CIA/NSA agents are women ?  Will only a radical feminist who thinks there is no essential difference between men and women except for acculturation be jumping up and down with joy as Claire Danes character and Kathryn Bigelow direction exposes the stupidity of men as they use their female brains to  'save the world? Well here is a "she said , he said in print/online reactions " .. Where do you stand?

Laila Al-Arian is a journalist based in Washington D.C. critiques HOMELAN

Yair Rosenberg suppots HOMELAND, He s a writer for the NYC based Zionist publication T

Hey I didn't miss a single chapter but had this uneasy feeling from day one. Only asking but I will duck just in case !

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