Thursday, December 13, 2012

GAYBY director Jonathan Lisecki

Babies, Babies, Babies OH MY!

We have been writing about how films that had been ghettoed as “gay film” have evolved into films of quality, While rooted in specifics story telling these new generation of films  have crossover appeal as their themes and execution resonate universal life situations and break out of genre specific cinematic cages e.g. Week End, Turn the Lights On. Now joining these two serious, artful films is that one hilarious comedy GAYBY. Jonathan Lisecki harkens back to the screwball comedies of the 30's.. Set in one of 8 US cities with a hip, sexually liberated, community where friendships break all the politically correct boundaries.lets say its the new Brooklyn. Jenn (Jean Harris) feels her biological clock pounding in her uterus , She thinks baby now .,. or never. But who? She is single. Well, of course she thinks her best friend since high school Matt would be perfect. Except Matt is gay and in a committed relationship with Nelson. Jenn is desperate; asks Matt. 

He gets weird out but a friend is in need and Nelson, well Nelson whose has the mashed up wit of Gore Vidal/Fran Lebowitz masquerading as 'Our Miss Brooks” s Eve Arden. Its a Richard Linklater version of slapstick comedy. What is lovely and funny and ultimately moving is  that write/ director/actor (Nelson)  Lisecki clearly believes that delicate social issue are better handled with smart hip humor than hammered home with a gross out message. Nice to see two of my favorite young character actors Sarita Choudhury and Dulé Hill in Gayby's 'hood. So stop worrying about being politically correct , just make with a home date (it is now VOD everywhere) or actually movie date and take someone sexy and with a appreciation for humor and see GAYBY

Gaby trailer

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