Sunday, March 27, 2016

VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe censored doc pulled by the Tribeca Film Festival shocking autism study

HERE IS THE TRAILER FROM Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  THAT WAS SCHEDULED to play the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL that exposes the role of coverup at the CDC over data that purports autism is related to vaccine use in children. A whistleblower at the CDC spoke with director Andrew Wakefield and broke silence. A US Congressman was convinced the truth was being told .. that is at the core of the documentary at . All hell broke loose when it became public that it had been programed. Finally Robert De Niro had a press conference and defended the selection stating "autism was an issue very personal to his family." 24 hours later the film was pulled. The Sloan Foundation a major supporter of the TFF has apparently fiercely objected on scientific terms behind the scene and demanded it be pulled leaving TFF official looking like they have backed away from freedom of expression and the role of a Film Festival to provoke through creative work difficult issues and discussion, When originally scheduled, the film showing was to have been followed directly by a panel discussion. Apparently this did not satisfy the Sloan Foundation who continued to demand it be pulled. It was .. over the next few days more, as they say , will be revealed . Now of course the demand to see it far exceeds the expectations when programed. It is very hard tp get anyone to speak on thr record at this stage.. tbe

click on this link it has information on the film. It contains the actual, original TFF posting and trailer l that has been withdrawn,

Here is the complete ABC News interview with the producer Del Bigtree

Much of my information has come from the TRUTH BARRIER site

more on Andrew Wakefield 

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