Saturday, February 27, 2016

TRAPPED arrives! With a Supreme Court case challeging a woman's right to choose, Dawn Porter's TRAPPED Trailer

How a documentary can change history . With a case on the March <b>Supreme Court</b> calendar that challenges<b> Roe vs Wade </b>&nbsp;and a woman's right to choose, <b>Dawn Porter's TRAPPED </b>recent Sundance award winner will be released in select theaters on <b>March 4th (IFC in NYC).</b> <b>TRAPPED</b> exposes how the <b>stealth religious right, anti-choice activists and the Republican party</b> has used aggressive lobby efforts in State Legislature to pass laws and regulations which make it almost financially impossible for Women's health clinic that offer a woman abortions to terminate unwanted pregnancies. All across the South as a result closures have taken place. Porter goes to <b>Alabama</b> and follows two Southern women who each own a <b>Woman's Health Clinic</b> that offer abortion as a woman's choice who refuse to be intimidated &nbsp;and one Doctor from the North East who is not afraid. &nbsp;<b>TRAPPED is a mother/daughter film</b>. It is also a film for men who support the right of women to control their own bodies. Go! Spread the Word... thanks

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