Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Memories of A VERY NATURAL THING 1974 the first "Gay" feature to be review by the NY Times and of my lover Robert McLane

Look what George Carter found: Ah George ......A VERY NATURAL THING was the first "gay"'movie to be review by the New York Times. Before that they considered all gay films phornography. Robert McLane was one of the two leads. He played the teacher. He was my lover  in the early 70's . We met in the Metropolitan Museum which was a place to find boys friends for a day or a life back then. He lived on 52nd Street between 3rd and 2nd Ave and I lived in a loft at 26 Bond Street (AIR)  

At one point we moved to LA .. living first at the legendary Fontenoy (full of blacklisted actors ) and later moved to one of those glass apartments on the Yamashiro Hill .. our basset hound was named Sebastian ... this brings back lots of memories  some nice ...and some not . Before Robert died in 92 , his lover contacted me and I went to him, It was so important we bring closure to some open issues between us. We did and I was so grateful to him for wanting us to do this . A lesson AIDS taught most of us. Watching the film brought many tears: .good ones for how brave we all were back them and sad ones for all we lost .. I loved him and a part of me still does .. you know no matter what happens somewhere in all our hearts the people we love ..or loved ..remain .

Please watch .. and remember it is a breakthrough film 

A poignant romantic drama examines the life of gay 26 year old, ex-monk, school teacher living in Manhattan. When he meets a man at a gay bar,…

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  1. I am a huge fan of the late Robert McLane. I have to admit that I have a crush on him even though he was gay. I saw him in Russ Meyer's Up! an then A Very Natural Thing. I have a fanpop page for him. Thanks for sharing memories and the beautiful photo.