Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just in time for the Holidays master film maker Kenneth Anger has put on sale this seasons most sought after collectable .His limited edition and Anger authenticated bomber jacket is just perfect for that person who hates presents and thinks christmas is a capitalist plot or that special person who wants to snatch the rainbow back out of the hands of the assimilated queer robots The jacket is uni-sex  

Did I say limit edition ? Well I have now.  

here is the only place you can buy it ..ANGER's own web site

EXCLUSIVE Buy at KenethAnger's website http://www.kennethanger.org/new-products/kenneth-angers-official-lucifer-rising-jacket

oh you might want to catch up with where Lucifer Rising (rolling stones funded and features among other lovelies Marianne Faithfull) here

Lucifer Rising 1972 from Jeremy Waldow on Vimeo.

and what happened to Anger's first choice for Lucifer? Ask Charlie Mansion

bobby IS lucifer

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