Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH FILM FESTIVAL Three films where brave women make courageous change No Land's Song, Trials of Spring and Burden of Peacr

The Human Rights Film Festival 2015 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center has been spotlighting both art as a tool in consciousness raising and the role of women in confronting or changing oppressive governments or laws. 

No Land's Song documented the  role of  an Iranian woman,  Sara Majafi , in changing the Religious government's banning of women's voices from being soloists in public concerts (official government approved)

One more screening Thursday june 18 IFC NYC

In Trials of Spring  Gini Reticker  looks at what happened after the burst of hope that we all shared those first few months in Egypt. As she did in her Oscar nominated documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell  (essential viewing)  she focuses on women as a filter to what goes on , We ride a roller coaster of events and surge with the excitement, fear and energy of a young arab woman and pulls no punches  Here is the trailer ;

and here is the very engaging post screening Q&A at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater which has includes a HUGE surprise

and here is the suggested action:

The Burden of Peace directed by Joey Boink  May be the biggest surprise for me because I knew little ot the civil war that took place in Guatemala and the over 200,000 Mayan indigenous people tortured and murdered by a military dictatorship. The film documents the role that Claudia Paz y Paz, Guatemala's first female Attorney General in bringing to trial the highest heads of government and getting a guilty verdict despite the media and the powerful elite attacking her, her staff and her family.  It also documents the role a liberation theology Bishop not unlike El Salvador's Romano played until murdered, Modest and relentless if with a smile it is a remarkable story that shows you can change history even when your victory is snatched back .  

here is the trailer 

and here is the very informative Q&A at the IFC during the HRWFF NYC .. and yes the film maker and his dutch NGO head in Guatemala have movie star good looks !

there is one more screening thurs 6/18 Film Society of Lincoln Center

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