Thursday, October 9, 2014

Listen Up Philip

Listen Up Philip dir Alex Ross Perry 

I have a few good things to to say about an asshole of a movie that has seduced Sundance, NYFF and Lorcano Festival programers. Philip is the guy you want to never invite to meet your sister despite his being smart, Jewish and a successful author . Because she woud have to join the ranks of the smart women in the film who eventually sees through his manipulative narcissism and show him the door. For an indie shot on super 16  film selection Alex Ross Perry mentored by the works of John Cassavetes and with his smart script and reputation from his previous fest fave  The Color Wheel managed to attract a cast of know actors who read the script and said YES including Jason Schwartzman, Elizabeth Moss (Mad Man) Jonathan Price and the indie shooter of choice Sean Price Williams (more close ups than ever Gloria Swanson coud have  wished). Williams has three films at the NYFF he shot Heaven Can Wait, Iris  and Listen Up Philip  Perry has an assurance that believe his youth which serves him most of the time and his cast delvers performances that keep you riveted to the screen despite want to eave the theater ,,, no small trick , Opens Oct 21, VOD October 21. ... It is a Tribeca release. Some of us at the press screening were surprised to see Tribeca  release  in the main slate of the NYF, and merit merit trumped festiva politics. Selection committee member Dennis lim told it was the first choice of the committee prior to Sundance etc.

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