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RADIOSEXBEAT’s Internet Juke Box ... august 2014 Listen up!

RADIOSEXBEAT’s Internet Juke Box ... august 2014
Listen up!
jim fouratt

I remember when long before computers, the internet, myspace, Itunes and Facebook there were record stores with rows and rows of vinyl records and little booths you could could take a 12 inch vinyl record into and sample the music before buying. You could also meet all kinds of different people fingering the covers and have all kinds of adventures with your new record store friends. Well those days are mostly gone for good...except for the new large  Rough Trade store in Williamsburg full of vinyl, turntables, listen kiosks and a stage for live performance (oh my) and a bar !  But sampling music has taken a new digital turn that hopefully will stop the stealing of music that rips off the creator of the music. These new “listening booths” allow you to listen on the internet to most music being released now and in the past. While you do not get the true sonics of the music you play ...this only happens when you buy the digital or vinyl version (highly recommended when you ears demand more!)

The most popular is Spotify that despite the miniscule amount does compensate artists for play and hopefully  reminding your ears that someone labored to make what you are listening to. There are other internet music listening sites popping up all the time . Rdio, GogglePlay, Beats, etc.,but Spotify is the biggest and very simple to use. .. and has both a free (ads) and paid (no ads ) software. So if you have a computer you can begin sampling music. Each month I will provide a small eclectic playlist to pleasure ears and get you started. Remember this is sampling not a full sonic experience so go to digital stores like Itunes to download. I recommend locally two stores to support : Rebel Rebel on Bleecker Street and Rough Trade in Williamsburg. Communal spaces that aural and actual physical interaction can make more human the listening experience . The best place to find out about live prformaces online is .

Radiosexbeat is a name I have used for the last ten years when talking/writing online about  music. It was inspired by a song the GUN CLUB”S Jeffrey Lee Pierce’ wrote an indelible  indie anthem “Sexbeat”.

LISTEN UP Radiosexbeat Playlist  (all of these unless noted are available to sample on SPOTIFY) :
1:  Morrissey:  WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS    Morrissey – World Peace Is None Of Your Business (Deluxe) Morrissey takes that velvet voice and goes radical . No if ,ands or butts about his world view .. dangerous ideas beautifully sung.

2: Etta James:  STORMY WEATHER  Etta James - Stormy Weather Etta James the Black jazz singer with the platinum blond hair has always held her own with Carmen McRae, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. On Stormy Weather a 15 song collection she interprets the songs of people like Ray Charles, Little Milton , Erroll Garner, Sidney Bechet, Dorothy Fields ..

3: Big Freeda  JUST BE  FREE    Big Freedia – Just Be Free better than a double espresso in the AM , Big Freeda , the Queen of New Orleans Bounce and Fuse’s TV 's most popular personality 
finally has a first class production to get your butt in gear ,,practicing the BOUNCE at home is not only a pleasurable exercise but does but one in a mood for..

4 Lewis: L’AMOUR   Lewis: L’AMOUR  One album released in l982 and Lewis disappeared. 2013, a record collector upoads  L’AMOUR and it becomes an internet sensation . With it’s Rod McKuen sensitivity and Bryan Ferry vocal styling everyone and their sister was trying to find out who Lewis was and what happened to him .So far only wild stories ... but the music is late night, all by yourself, glass of wine soundscape .reverie.

5: Common : NOBODY’S SMILING  :Common – Nobody's Smiling  Rap Elder looks hard at his home town, Chicago the murder capital of the US and speaks a truth that transcends the genre. Smart and direct with a respect for beats as well as message Common has and does stand out above the noise.
6: Justin Townes Earle  WHITE GARDENIAS  Justin Townes Earle – White Gardenias - Single  has a new album (Single Mothers)  being released in September, This is a peek,.lovely as usual.No longer just his father’s son (Steve Earle) but now fast becoming his equal.

7: Sharon Van Etten ARE WE THERE   Sharon Van Etten ARE WE THERE YET  Folk rock album of the year some are saying. What I do know is who ever put Etten together with The National’s Aaron Dessner as producer is genius.  Her song Every Time the Sun Comes Up has taken residency in my head and is welcome . Think lucinda williams as her inspiration

8: Timothy A. Hesek  COGNISANCE: the piano music of  Adams, Part, Cage and Heisek Cognisance: The Piano Music of Glass, Adams, Pärt, Cage & Helisek  All in one place ...ah

9:  Marilyn Monroe     Marilyn Monroe 50th Anniversary Album Yes she sang too ...sultry, sexy and naughty

10: Swans : TO BE KIND.To Be Kind - Swans    Michae Gira born in LA is the most significant music trickster I know  he has moved forward never becoming stuck in any moment’s genre of choice , From NYC no wave to London’s expermental art rock . Each time he sheds a musical skin what has been emerging is a unique and identifiable body of work , this is his latest

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