Sunday, February 2, 2014


Addiction is a snake ever ready to pounce. PSH was my neighbor and a sobriety friend, He for years regularly attend Perry Street , a 12 step meeting house. But he slipped away when life became too busy ...or what ever. He did check into rehab over the summer, While there are backstory scenarios to try to explain what happened, the lesson to be learned from this tragic overdose is what they say in 12 step programs: First things first. Unless you put your addiction and recovery first you will be vulnerable to slipping back into addiction. I don't think he wanted to die ..he just wanted to get high, But death is always at the door knocking and waiting for the junkie. Sad for his family sad for all of us who appreciated his acting and directing talent. Blessed be sweet Phillip .please go gently into the night. And to all my friends in recovery ..stay close please! You have my number

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