Monday, April 9, 2012

WE"RE NOT BROKE ...IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY ON WHAT THE FISCAL CRISIS IS ACTUALLY ABOUT ..ON TUES WE'RE NOT BROKE plays IFC in NYC for one screening and will play selected dates around the country, It addresses corporate greed and the failure to pay taxes by multi-nationalism corporations . Films sun-12 world premier WERE NOT BROKE q&a w directors Karen inc jim fouratt question raises election issues and Obama ... answer is really helpful. Film links the birth of the UNCUT movement to the birth of OCCUPY WALL STREET ..... please SHARE this post widely Q&A with Directors at World premier screening at Sundance Background for the Doc .. well done trailer web site :


  1. Don't see where / how to officially "subscribe".

  2. Hi Jim! Please let your friends and colleagues know that We're Not Broke will be shown as one of 45 films at the upcoming Montclair Film Festival, Sunday May 6th at 7:30pm, tickets available at the festival website: For the first Annual Montclair Film Festival, veteran fest programmers Raphaela Neihausen and Thom Powers have put together an amazing collection of films and live events starting May 1st - through May 6th. We're only 12 miles from NYC, a quick train or bus ride away.