Monday, June 10, 2013

. FOURPLAY: director Kyle Henry f has been so hard to see unless you caught it at a Festival ..One of my best of the year Films MOW AVAILABLE

Finally available to stream or buy. My pick along with Travis Matthews  I WANT YOUR LOVE  and Ira Sacks  TURN ON THE LIGHTS as films that take the risk of showing gay men as sexual beings in story lines that are frank but have a depth of human meaning that transcends sexual orientation and gender express.. Community and diversity are at the core of each of these films and if I may be sentimental for a moment : love does not have a sexual orientation. Michael Stipe (REM lead singer)  through his C-100 production company helped finance Kyle Henry's four part look at the diversity of who the lesbian and gay community is  in all it's sexual representation,  gender expression , body  types and age diversity. TAMPA  shows how a filmmaker you can look frankly at gay man sexuality with frankness and HUMOR  and the finally chapter features one of the best performaces in indie films in years: Paul Soileau aka Christieene creates a sex worker with such compassion that one myust reach for the hankie ...  STREAM IT NOW

DVD is now available directly from moi for the low price of $11.95 just in time to kick off your Pride Month celebrations.  See 

And if you just can't wait that long for delivery, watch it instantly via TLA streaming

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